House thatched roof and pond

House thatched roof and pond

AmDesign Architects, Temporary Architects and CTA | Creative architects designed the Am House on a 3,500 m² plot in Can Giuoc, Long An Province, Vietnam. The residence was conceived as a calm, joyful oasis where the owner – a man who copes with a lot of stress due to his demanding work – can find peace, maintain harmony and regenerate energy.

The building consists of 5 separate blocks that are randomly placed under a large thatched roof and right next to a lake. The design consists of dividing blocks that create different views both inside and outside the building. In addition, they provide adequate natural ventilation and lighting for each room.

The tin roof system is completed with a thatched top, which is a distinctive architectural element in southwestern Vietnam. In this way, an eco-friendly and intimate feel is conveyed, helping the dwelling to blend in with nature. Under the steel sheets is a ceiling system with wood finishing material. Due to different roof layouts, the building can reduce heat and lower the indoor temperature.

Along with the roof system there is a slot that allows more daylight to enter the area in the middle of the house. Thanks to this slit, people can feel and perceive the movement of the sun throughout the day. The large lake is designed in the same code as the floor on both sides of the house. This feature is an environmentally friendly element of landscaping and reduces the heat on hot summer days.

Thatched roof house sits next to a tranquil pond in Vietnam.
Thatched roof of wooden house by the pond |  Buildings / landmarks floor.
Photograph of the historic Japanese gassho house with thatched roof and.