Outdoor succulent garden ideas

Outdoor succulent garden ideas

Indulge in beauty without a lot of maintenance by creating a lush garden design. These water-based plants come in a variety of leaf colors and shapes. Succulents are incredibly popular now and using such plants in your garden gives it an edge.

How are succulents doing?

Succulents have modified leaves to conserve water. These leaf adaptations result in striking plant textures. Water-saving leaves vary from leafless cactus spines to fat and fleshy water-hoarding paddles to chubby beads or fingers. Many succulents form a rosette of leaves, which makes an unusual textural addition to a garden. Succulents come in a variety of sizes, from tiny plants best displayed in containers, to eye-catching large-scale beauties, and in a variety of colors from lime green to purple.


Succulents need well-drained soil. Add berms and mounds to your lush garden design to provide the drainage these plants crave. Use rocks to add height to your landscape and you’ll instantly have a natural-looking, succulent setting. Despite popular belief, succulents require proper watering, although they vary from species to species.

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One of the most effective ways to create a succulent garden design is to mix these quirky plants with rocks. Display succulents against a rock backdrop or tuck them between and behind rocks. If rocks have shallow indentations holding the bottom in place, glue succulents to that spot to turn them upside down. Use rock mulch in lush garden designs to retain heat around plants and improve drainage.

A beautiful and flawless way to spotlight succulents is to surround a larger anchor plant like a tall agave or barrel cactus with smaller succulents. Containers also provide the perfect space for displaying some of the smallest succulents, many of which boast superb foliage color or texture. If you work in an area where succulents cannot be left outdoors year-round, choose containers that can be easily transported to sheltered or wintering locations indoors. Get inspired by more ideas below and create your own succulent masterpiece!