Cute and yummy apple wreaths for fall home decor

Apples always symbolize fall, harvest and goodies! Add a bit of such cuteness not only to your food but to the decor too – it’s as simple as that! Apples can be used for centerpieces, garlands, place cards, and wreaths. Your fall wreath can be wild and woodland, rustic or country, modern or all-natural. Apples can be styled and used in many different ways.

A fall wreath of apples is fairly easy to make and very eye-catching, whether you choose fresh and natural apples or artificial apples of many different colors. Cover all or part of a wreath shape (usually a grapevine) with it, or simply add some apples to a composition with leaves, pumpkins, berries, etc. You can also slice and dry the apples to keep those slices looking natural and fresh. Then attach them to the wreath for a yummy and non-traditional look. Depending on what you want you can use artificial or real apples, leaves, berries and other things – a more sustainable piece or just a natural decoration for now. There are many do-it-yourselfers who can make and personalize your own apple wreath, or you can purchase a ready-made piece and modify it if you’d like. Get inspired!

23 cute and delicious apple wreaths for fall decoration |  DigsDigs from.
23 Sweet and Delicious Apple Wreaths for Fall Home D├ęcor |  DigsDigs.
23 cute and delicious apple wreaths for fall home decor |  Hostkransar.

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