Add rustic cosiness to the interior

The rustic style is incredibly cozy and soft, and fall is exactly what we want. You don’t have to redesign the entire interior in this style, you can simply add cozy, rustic touches to the room. Here are some ideas on how to add rustic accents and easily make your space more welcoming.


Antlers are traditionally rustic, and this is a pretty simple idea for adding a rustic touch to the room. If you think this is just a wall decoration, you are wrong. There are many ideas for using antlers in a chic and practical way. Antlers can be used as racks and holders – for wine bottles, clothing, caps and hats you can make a variety of antler chandeliers and lamps – just add antlers to the bulbs and attach somehow. Antlers can become curtain stands or towel holders, and of course antlers can be used to create various displays and decorations – a wreath, a basket or a bowl. Antlers look great with greens and pine cones and really create a cozy feel.

Reclaimed wooden furniture

Reclaimed wood is exactly what gives the room a rustic feel, whether it’s dark or light. You can make various pieces of furniture yourself from reclaimed wood: a stool, bed, chair, coffee table, dining table, countertop or something else. You can also cover a fireplace or a door with scrap wood – this is not furniture, but will bring coziness to the interior. If your interior is neutral or dark, choose warm wood to make a statement. There are also ways to add other styles to your interior at the same time, e.g. E.g. a reclaimed wood sliding door – modern and rustic style rolled into one – or some black metal stools with reclaimed wood seats for a rustic style and industrial feel.

basket accents

Wicker furniture and accents are traditionally used for outdoor decor, but rocking indoors is amazing for giving the room a cozy vibe. In addition to providing a rustic feel, wicker can add a vintage or beachy feel if you need it. You don’t need a truly rustic interior to add wicker accents – you can rock a modern space with wicker furniture, a Scandinavian or minimalist space with such details that stand out and soften the space. Wicker chairs, coffee tables, sofas, benches, baskets and chests are just what you need to add coziness to the interior.

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