Trendy mid-century modern bathrooms take inspiration

Looking to redesign your bathroom in a mid-century modern style? We have prepared some inspirational mid-century modern bathroom pictures today and I hope they will inspire you too and maybe create such a beautiful space in your home too.

colors and prints

The color scheme can be literally anything from a very neutral or solid color to a very bold and colorful one. Mid-century modern style isn’t traditionally about whimsy decor, but you can pull off such colors too if you’re craving it badly. Make your bathroom cooler with geometric prints and patterns and it will look perfect. Opt for gold or brass as these are the most traditional metallic hues for mid-century modern style, adding elegance and chic to the room.


Since this style dates back to the mid-20th century, don’t hesitate to use white subway tiles to achieve this signature look and add wooden furniture. Choose a cool mid-century frame for the mirror and lamps – they will definitely help you achieve that signature look. Geometric tiles and decorations are great for any space, making your bathroom eye-catching and mid-century. Use different tiles for walls and floor to make the room more interesting and modern. Green is another great bathroom idea that you can use to freshen up the space. Bright Boho carpets and colorful textiles round off the look. Enjoy!

56 trendy mid-century modern bathrooms to inspire |  News Bre
35 trendy mid-century modern bathrooms to get inspired - DigsDigs.
56 trendy mid-century modern bathrooms to get inspired - DigsDi

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