Artistic sliding glass doors

It’s not just works of art or bold furniture that can add a bold touch to your interior. Bold walls, colorful floors or interesting doors can do the same. Today we share a beautiful collection of sliding doors where every piece catches the eye.

Casali’s passion for art and glass is evident in this collection of sliding doors that explore a wide range of themes and artistic expressions. Areas you want to enhance with an alluring glass door are your living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom.

Aesthetically pleasing, these glass doors are an excellent choice if you want to add style and glamor to your interior. The Casali sliding doors take up less space than conventional swing doors. Brought to life through sandblasting, etching, carving and hand-painted protective coatings, these stunning solid tempered glass pieces go beyond function and are works of art for your living environment.

The wide collection will surprise you with its variety! Everyone can find an ideal door for their taste and lifestyle: colored, transparent or white models look sophisticated and can enrich any interior design. If art, design and glass are part of your taste, each of these pieces must be part of your interior.

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