Nursery decor trends

Gender-specific nursery designs are not in vogue right now and modern parents prefer gender-neutral spaces. A gender-neutral space is a current trend that is sure to continue for a long time to come. If you want to apply it to your baby’s room, here are some other trends that are current and perfectly match this idea.


One of the most timeless prints, plaid always looks cool no matter what you add and it adds coziness. Plaid can be used in many combinations to suit the space and you can incorporate it in a variety of ways – from a statement wall to textiles to smaller accents.

Boho and Farmhouse

Mix boho and farmhouse decor styles. Farmhouse decor has become a top contender when it comes to decorating any room in the house, and it brings a rustic aesthetic to your child’s room. Add layers of white natural wood paired with black, gray and navy to make classic rustic trends even better. Then jazz up your kids room with boho accents and voila!

keep it personal

If your baby already has a name, you should take full advantage of this and personalize the space with their name. Creating an ad with her name takes you one step closer to feeling like a parent, especially if you’re having a baby for the first time. Additionally, you’ll want to incorporate your child’s initials into your decor for the ultimate personalized display.

Oversized animal portraits

In this idea, bigger is better. Cute animal images paired with blurred parts create the perfect combination for a child’s room. Consider them the perfect accent for any room. Animal portraits work well because they are so versatile that they can be used in either a boys or girls nursery. In addition, they stay in place seamlessly as your baby continues to grow.

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