Rural Retreat Magnificent Views

Rural Retreat Magnificent Views

Es Bec d’Aguila is a private hilltop retreat in the pastoral countryside of Menorca, Spain. The location and history could not be more idyllic.

The rural manor house was built in the 19th century as a weekend getaway for a wealthy merchant family who wanted to be close to nature and lavishly entertain their guests. Paris-based design studio Atelier du Pont renovated the mansion with an eclectic combination of contemporary, modernist and local elements. It retains its former grandeur and native architecture — think dry-stone structures, whitewashed surfaces, vaulted ceilings, and ceramic tiles.

The Mediterranean aesthetic of whitewashed walls, tiled floors, and built-in furniture is punctuated by a collection of bespoke textiles and plenty of wood textures, while a curated selection of mid-century furniture is combined with a bold collection of contemporary art, giving the villa a cosmopolitan aura. The combination of such diverse elements reflects the island’s rich history of Moorish, Spanish, English and French trades.

The mostly white interior, which is occasionally complemented by teal and limewashed wall sections, is mainly enhanced by a varied selection of handcrafted terracotta and cement floor tiles with different colors and geometric patterns for each room in the house. While some of the floor tiles are carefully restored original pieces, many are faithful copies of local craftsmen, while others are from Cuba.

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