Creative Fall Pine Cone Decorations

Pine cones are usually great winter decor items, but you can give them a pretty natural touch in the fall too, or add a super cool fall look to winter decorations and centerpieces that are bi-seasonal and don’t need to be swapped out!

Pinecones are perfect for any type of decoration, they don’t need to be changed – just place them in a bowl, add leaves, acorns and pumpkins and a perfect centerpiece for fall or just the decoration is done! However, if you want to change the look of your pinecones, simply bleach them or gild them to suit both fall and winter, or make them snowy, which is usually ideal for winter. You can also take a nice ribbon and hang the pine cones or make a cool wreath out of them. It’s a great idea to add garlands, mobiles or just pine cones to your fall arrangements and lanterns. Use them both indoors and outdoors, they are very durable – create your cozy autumn atmosphere with cute pine cones!

29 Creative fall decorations made from pine cones
48 Creative Fall Pinecone Decorations You'll Love - DigsDi
29 Creative Fall Pinecone Decorations You'll Love |  fall .

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