Modern black and white furniture for living room by Giessegi

These living room sets are part of Guessegu’s New’09 collection called GIORNOPERGIORNO. Although the collection does not only consist of black and white furniture, these are the most modern and minimalist. The overall project goal was to design a modular furniture solution for any modern living space by offering people maximum flexibility. Many things are available in the collection: open and closed containers, bookshelves, shelves, tables and chairs, benches and many other pieces of furniture that provide endless creative possibilities for designing simple but practical spaces. The collection is not only available in black and white, but also ranges from natural wood to high-gloss lacquered laminate. Visit Giessegi to see more ready-made compositions from the collection.

Modern black and white furniture for living room by Giessegi.
Just Furniture: Interesting Living Room Giessegi Design Modular.
Living room Modern living room furniture Giessegi Modular |  (50)++.

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