Side table pyramid shape

Geometric furniture and designs are becoming increasingly popular. Such pieces suit most decorating styles and add a focal point to the room. If you’re looking for a cool piece of this nature, today’s product is for you: we’re sharing an end table called VAI by designer Minseong Kim.

The piece is constructed with geometric precision and its enigmatic shape is calculated using a standard tetrahedral formula to achieve a minimalist aesthetic with maximum stability. This pyramid shape is strong and light at the same time. The ability to nest reduces storage space requirements and accommodates different spatial needs – isn’t it ideal for a small space?

Available in blue, red and black, VAI has multiple cuts so the tables can be stacked on top of each other if required. The piece has a very cool sculptural yet functional shape that easily fits into a modern or minimalist space. Get some of these in the colors you like – blue, red or black, or mix them however you want and enjoy!

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