Fascinating and luxurious bathroom accessories from Savio Firmino

Once again we would like to introduce you to new wonderful products from the Italian company Savio Firmino. This company has enriched its luxury bathroom collection called Savio Firmino 1941 with amazing bathroom accessories. They were created thanks to the excellent collaboration between Savio Firmino and the Bohemian atelier Friederich Egermann, the most famous glass since the 19th century. The new product line consists of a soap dish, a toothbrush holder and a soap dispenser. All of them perfectly demonstrate the excellent well-known Savio Firmino style. These bathroom accessories deserve to decorate the most beautiful and luxurious bathrooms. Some of them are made of black or transparent crystal and have nickel plated or bronzed metals to match the mountings. These bathroom accessories are more reminiscent of jewels than traditional bathroom accessories. There are also various items for bedroom design such as bedroom glasses, perfume bottle set, candle holder and jewelry box. Visit the Savio Firmino website for more information.

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