Black Brass Bathroom Design

Black Brass Bathroom Design

Atmospheric and dark decor appears, it is one of the hottest trends in decor right now. So it’s no wonder we have a cool whimsy bathroom today.

Bathrooms often make us feel black and closed, but in this Prague apartment architect Lenka Míková combines black with brass, white and wood to create a contemporary, luxurious feel.

Black hexagonal tiles cover the walls, broken only by the brass faucets and faucet above the bath and in the glass-enclosed shower. The brass continues to the built-in mirrored bezel and backlit shelf, essentially making them stand out in a black wall. Black and brass or gold are a timeless color combination so you can’t go wrong.

A white sink, bathtub, and toilet add to the brightness of the bathroom, while a wooden vanity, sliding door, and cabinets give the bathroom a softer, more natural feel.

The bathroom is very functional and the designer managed to make the most of this small bathroom. What a beautiful idea for an elegant and modern space!

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