Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas Every Young Teenager Will Love

Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas Every Young Teenager Will Love

Decorating the children’s room is a difficult task. But that pales in comparison to the right design of the teenager’s room. And that’s only if the teenager in your home actually wants a neatly decorated room and values style and theme! In most cases, no matter what you start with, the end result is a room full of junk that constantly needs cleaning but never actually gets cleaned. But let’s move on and think about what works best in the teenager’s room. The perfect teenager’s bedroom requires a variety of things. You want enough input from your child, the right spatial arrangement, a suitable color scheme and finally a makeover that fits your budget. It’s a tightrope walk from which it’s all too easy to fall off!

With modern interior design, it can be difficult to find the right bed, decor, and art for a teen and tween boy’s bedroom, and I think we could all use some ideas. Why? Well, I’ll go ahead and say it. Because balancing what YOU want and what your stubborn teen wants can sometimes be downright impossible. For example….What do I want? This beautiful all-white boys’ bedroom features antique-looking iron beds from Studio McGee (pictured below). YES, EXACTLY. What does he want? A life-size Rob Gronkowski thick skull sticker covering an entire wall (note I’m not showing pictures of it) and Oklahoma State stuff EVERYWHERE. Just so you know, Oklahoma State’s colors are orange and black, so good luck working with that color palette.

I actually got my little son to make his bed the other day – it’s usually no man’s land up there – so I wanted to share his bedroom with you because I really LOVE his West Elm bed. I bought him the Emmerson bed out of reclaimed wood when we built our house last year and had it delivered the day we moved in. We’ve BOTH loved it ever since, so I say it’s a total winner of a bed if you have a child between the ages of two and Mom can agree. I would recommend this bed to everyone.

It also looks great in master bedrooms and guest rooms, but I especially love it for a preteen or teen’s room. I’ll give you ready store links to the bedroom products in my son’s room as well as my 10 favorite beds for teen boys rooms starting at $300 and going up. They’re available in all price ranges at places like Target, West Elm, Overstock, and Land of Nod. Finally, I’ll link to my favorite piece of art from our print shop and show you how great it looks above the Emmerson bed. So basically you have everything you need to redesign your son’s tween or teen bedroom, and good luck trying to convince him not to cover an entire wall with a dickhead decal. I definitely lost that fight.

I’m also linking all of the items in Easton’s bedroom, including his amazing nightstands from Target, bedding from West Elm and Target, and rugs from Urban Outfitters. So after you’re done with this post, you’ll basically be able to build your very own teen or tween boy bedroom!

One last thing…please, please, please let me design a boy’s room for you with this plaid bed. I have so many ideas that start and end with this bed and Mike Miller will definitely say NO since we just bought this Emmerson bed. But seriously, talk to me if you want a room design with this bed because I always wake up and dream about its potential.