Best Designed Ipod Iphone Docks

Best Designed Ipod Iphone Docks

iPods are currently the most popular players in the world. iPhones are too geared to be as popular in the mobile world as iPods are in the gaming world. Thanks to this, many design companies create companion products for them. Designing an iPod docking station is becoming a “must do” for most industry leaders. Of course, small businesses don’t stand aside, because for some of them, this is the way to declare themselves. At the moment in stores you can find docks manufactured under such famous names: Sony, Porsche Design, Lasonic, Jean-Michel Jarre and so on. Although people like Philippe Starck or Victor Vetterlein can easily compete with them. Most modern docks are suitable for both iPods and iPhones and have remote controls. Some of them have video outputs while others have wireless speakers. There are many great options for any Apple lover.

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Parrot Zikmu by Philippe Starck

Zikmu are wireless speakers designed by Philippe Starck for Parrot. These 2.5ft speakers are iPhone/iPod docking stations with surround sound technology and a range of wireless features. The two speakers, which emit sound from both sides, can be placed anywhere in a room and work without cables. Speakers can also stream audio from mobile devices such as a PC or Mac via Bluetooth A2DP or Wi-Fi. They also have a remote control and a very trendy minimalistic look.

Vestalife Firefly and JewelBox iPod speakers

The new Vestalife docks were designed by California design firm RKS. The Firefly and Jewelbox speaker systems aren’t your usual iPod docks. They are both touch sensitive and round. Balls should pop open to reveal the dock and speakers. These iPhone and iPod compatible docks pack a lot into a small package. They have built-in subwoofers, amplifiers and remote controls.

iPod dock light

Sang-Hoon Lee designed this multifunctional unit that could be a great addition to any bedroom. It combines a bedroom light, an iPod/iPhone docking station and a speaker. The speaker is hidden along the surface of the dock. The combination of functions is not only suitable for bedrooms, but also for offices or other places where there is not much space, but music and light are needed.

Black and White Zeppelin iPod Speaker

Designed by Native, the IDEA 2008 winner Bowers & Wilkins’ Zeppelin is the unique, eye-catching dock for the iPod. Not only does the dock have a great design, but it also has a lot of features under the hood. A docking station supports all current iPods (all models except 3rd generation models are charged). Zeppelin features a remote control, audio jack with AUX-in and Composite/S-Video out jacks for viewing videos and photos from your iPod on your TV.

iPod dock designed by Porsche

The Porsche Design P’9120 is a tabletop stereo with iPod docking station and radio. It has a clean, linearly shaped design with superior acoustics and a powerful subwoofer. It charges any iPod and iPhone, but doesn’t have a Wi-Fi connection, so it can’t be used as a network player.

Jean-Michel Jarre iPod speakers

Electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre designed an odd-looking iPod speaker that looked futuristic in the 1980s. It includes two 20W speakers and a 45W subwoofer, as well as an iPod-inspired remote control. It’s aimed at the higher end of the dock market, as it’s specifically designed to deliver high quality audio: the circuitry in its built-in amplifier is apparently clever enough to capture some of the quality that MP3 encoding lacks , and restore.

iTamTam iPod Dock

iTam Tam doesn’t look like other iPod docks. Designed by Eric Berthès of Branex Design, the dock looks like traditional Tam Tam stools. iTamTam is a universal docking system for all iPod models and the iPhone. The cable adapter allows any type of audio source including other brand MP3 players. It has 2 x 25W stereos and speakers with 50W digital amplifier technology and a remote control.

Art.Suono Wireless Music Enhancement System

Art.Suono, designed by David Weiner Ventures, lets you stream any audio source, including an iPod, to any audio system via an integrated dock connector. The Art.Suono also features a “DWC-APHEX” circuit, which the developer says restores the harmonics lost in compressed music. The result is improved sound spaciousness and clarity, and more resonant bass response.

Sony iPod audio system

The Sony Muteki LBT-ZX66i is a 3-way bass-reflex bookshelf system / boom box equipped with four 6.7-inch hybrid mid-range / subwoofer units and two 1-inch horn tweeters and overall 560W delivers The iPod docking station has a 5-disc CD changer with Play Exchange and CD-R / CD-RW and MP3 playback and radio system. With every feature updated, it’s a blast from the past.

Lasonic iPod Ghetto Blaster

Lasonic made some classic boom boxes in the 80’s. Now they’ve updated their TRC-931 boombox with an integrated iPod docking station, SD card reader and USB port. It is available in different colors and can be operated with 10 batteries.

Wireless iPod docking station Victor Vetterlein

American designer Victor Vetterlein decided that our iPod docks needed wireless speakers that could be detached from the dock and run around the apartments. Yo Dock is designed for iPods and other MP3 players. The speakers are waterproof and have rechargeable batteries.

i24R3 EOps iPod wireless speaker system

A collaboration between Michael Young and EOps, the i24R3 wireless speaker system uses satellite speakers and a bass dock. The set is made of pure white gloss and includes an aluminum case. The system includes a USB wireless audio transmitter dongle that even lets you stream music from your computer via iTunes. This allows you to remotely control the system from your computer from anywhere in the house. Of course, the dock can also be coupled as an additional speaker set for your computer.

The iPhone Alarm Dock CVT i3101

The CVT i3101 media center alarm clock is slim enough to hang next to your bed. It’s especially useful when you don’t have room for a table in a tight space. It can be used with all iPods and iPhones. The clock features a 3.5-inch light blue LED display and elegant touch controls for changing channels and controlling your media player. [buy on 100milligrams]

Griffin Envelope iPod Dock

The Griffin Evolve is the wireless freedom your music has been waiting for. Play your music through rechargeable wireless speakers that you can place anywhere within a 150-foot radius. The speakers charge while you sit on the base station and play for up to 10 hours on a single charge. The dock has a remote control, S-Video and component video outputs.

Logic3 Valve 80 iPod Dock & Speakers

Bring new life to your music with the Logic3 Valve80 iPod amplifier, which surpasses the iPod audio performance benchmark. The high-end valve processing technology brings real warmth, enriched harmonics and a new dimension to your music that is priceless. Logic 3’s Valve80 includes two 2-way bookshelf speakers finished in black and a tube amplifier that delivers 40 watts per channel.