Stylish minimalist closet design ideas

Would you like to design a function room? Choose a minimalist style! Today I’m sharing my favorites among minimalist cabinets – laconic, functional and clean. A closet is often a small space, so a minimalist style will help you utilize every inch of it and keep it organized. White color is perfect for a wardrobe: it visually expands the space and maximizes the light to see your outfits at their best. Add lots of lights and lamps and a large wall mirror to save space and not put it on the floor. You can opt for gray or black shelves or a chest of drawers for contrast, or leave the cabinet white to make it look more spacious. See below how to do this in style!


Minimalism is usually about monochrome, black and white, black and gray, gray and white, and so on. However, you can opt for different colors of plywood, dark stained wood, etc. – just don’t go colorful, this isn’t about minimalism.


Minimalism is usually about simple and laconic designs, and makeshift closets are number one for it. You can also choose different combinations of open shelves, matching hangers, dressers and stools and even boxes for storage. A mirror is always an important part of any closet. Hang one on the wall or place one on the floor and make sure it’s at full height.


What you really need in every closet, especially when it’s moody, is simple. Build in as much light as possible in all storage units upstairs and downstairs to view your belongings at their best and fill the space with light.

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Create multifunctional spaces

Whether you’re a small homeowner or looking to maximize the usability of every inch of space, this roundup is just what you need as we share ideas on multifunctional spaces. They are all the rage and going everywhere as more people buy small apartments. Let’s find out how to create a practical space!

kitchen and dining room

This is the most commonly seen combination – every small house has such a multifunctional space. And since open plans are popular, you can see more and more such rooms. How can you make the most of such a combination? There are some clever solutions! Opt for a kitchen island that doubles as a dining table or a seating area integrated into the kitchen island to make the space more practical.

Integrated home offices

Another combination that’s seen fairly often is a home office squeezed elsewhere, although this can be difficult. A home office can be incorporated into a bedroom, guest room, kitchen, dining room, etc. – it depends on your creativity. Make a comfortable working corner with multifunctional and convertible furniture. Washbasins and dining tables can serve as desks.

bedroom / bath

Bedrooms with baths were a hot trend a few years ago and still are! Hotel designers started with this and homeowners very quickly grasped this idea – not only is it functional but it also makes your bedroom unique and gives it a hotel feel. Of course, you should consider a backsplash, a special floor under the tub, and a few other points, but it’s definitely worth it, especially if there’s no space for a tub. Be inspired by the following ideas and create a functional space in your home too!

Africa inspired decor ideas

Africa is an exotic place that will amaze you and be remembered forever as soon as you see it. If you love this part of the world but can’t go there, you can always bring that flavor into your home and create African-inspired interiors. Such rooms are perfect for countries with long winters, just to add some warmth to the interior. What characterizes the African decor?

Light walls and warm colors

Traditional African houses are mud huts. So if you want to give your interior an African flair, finish your walls with something similar: plaster or textured wallpaper, and remember that the shadows should be warm. In fact, African nature is always warm colored and you should repeat this feature in your home too: yellow, orange, ocher, burgundy, red, brown, buttermilk and so on.

Dark wood furniture, ethnic or animal skin upholstery

Dark wood furniture, loose and artisanal, is a defining feature of African interiors. They should be square. For upholstery, choose ethnic prints or artificial animal skins to perfectly emphasize the interior. You can opt for rattan or woven furniture for outdoor use, it is also suitable for African interiors.

African statuettes, ceramics and masks

Wooden statuettes and masks are a sacred object in the life of African tribes and, of course, there is no African interior without them. Get a variety of figurines with the wrong proportions, with legs or hands intentionally elongated, masks with feathers and various African pottery to decorate your home. These pieces are just what you need to bring an African flair to your interior, even if they are minimalist.

Ethnic textiles and artificial animal skins

Leopard and zebra prints are number one for textiles and upholstery and of course for carpets because such carpets really set the mood. Weaving carpets and textiles has been a tradition for African women for many centuries, creating unique patterns each time. So get some ethnic rugs and textiles like curtains, bedspreads and sheets. If you don’t buy the originals, you can easily find African-inspired textiles.

There are other ideas that can help you create African interiors: palm leaves, natural materials and accessories, especially wood and fabrics, oversized photos of Africans for a modern feel, and so on. Get inspired!

Breakfast bar ideas

In conditions of lack of space, not every desired zone and room can be accommodated. A breakfast nook is a great place to enjoy your morning while you eat and talk to your family, but not everyone can have one. What should I do? Go for a breakfast bar! A breakfast bar is a smaller area that doesn’t take up as much space, allowing it to be squeezed into a small kitchen. There are various ideas for such a breakfast bar. Let’s look at the coolest.

Windowsill breakfast bar

A windowsill is a beautiful piece to use as a breakfast table or simply for meals and drinks. If possible, make a large windowsill and add a few stools for comfort. The window sill can be not only in the kitchen – you can occupy any other room, for example, a balcony. Add potted greenery and flowers here and there and voila – you have an amazing breakfast bar with a view and lots of natural light. Impressive!

Wall mounted breakfast bar

A wall mounted table or tabletop is a great idea for a tiny space. It is also suitable for the smallest space solution. Attach a table top anywhere and add stools. That’s all you have to do. Imagine a foldable wall panel to make the space even more functional. Mark the zone with pendant lights and lights, add a chalkboard sign or wall to make it stand out and place some greenery to visually separate the space.

Kitchen Island breakfast bar

Use your small kitchen island as a breakfast bar! It can be a good idea to save a lot of space – only eat there when not in use for cooking. There are also cool kitchen islands with a raised table part that can be used as a bar – that’s exactly what you need to save space and still get a bar. You can also place a tabletop in a place that does not take up much space and add stools there. Check out some ideas we have prepared!

Update your bathroom on a budget

A bathroom is a very commonly used space that represents your personal oasis of relaxation and purity. Would you like to renovate it a bit? There are countless ways to remodel a bathroom, change tiles and install new and luxurious appliances. But what if you don’t want to break the bank? Then go for a budget-friendly bathroom makeover and I have some ideas on how to do it easily.

Paint walls / wallpaper

Grab some paint and repaint the walls – this is a budget friendly and very simple idea to change the look of your bathroom. It can be a partially painted and partially tiled bathroom wall or a fully painted one. Swing wallpaper in bathrooms and mudguards are a hot and trendy idea and you can opt for a statement wallpaper wall or partially cover the walls to make a stylish and edgy statement.

Change the vanity

Changing a vanity in a bathroom easily gives it a new and fresh look. So consider buying or making a vanity for your space. You can make a statement with color, texture, or both, adding metallic legs and a stylish countertop to cool the look. If you don’t want to spend money on a new vanity, you can always repaint the existing one or keep it and go for a completely different color. Changing countertops is also a good idea, but if the vanity is small, it will have less of an impact.

Change the sink

A sink can make a statement in both a bathroom and a powder room. It can be made from stone, marble, wood, glass, porcelain and metal and the number of looks is endless. Rough concrete, transparent glass, painted porcelain, hammered metal and even rough stone – you can rock anything you want!

Replace accessories

Stock up on chic accessories, containers, planted greenery and other items to add more wow to your bathroom. Add candles and place a caddy over the bathtub for relaxing bath time. Unify the look of the room with the same containers for the entire product and bring in a chic textured rug. Such small details make every room amazing.

Relaxing dining rooms and zones on the seafront

If you have a beach house or are planning to decorate your own beach-inspired relaxation area, consider a seaside dining room or dining area. The best colors for such decor are aqua, blue, turquoise, gray and white. The good thing about them is that they stimulate brain activity. Add neutral and distressed or woven furniture – these are the latest pieces for a beach-inspired interior. The accessories are very important to create an atmosphere: shutters, shells, seahorses, corals and sea urchins – and you will feel a sea breeze in your dining room! Check out the inspiring ideas below and take some examples of your own dining area!

Dark moody bathroom designs

Moody decor is growing in popularity and more and more designers are rocking it. We love dark spaces because they are relaxing, mysterious, eye-catching and different. It’s not about that light-filled aesthetic, it’s about shadows and dark beauty. Today I want to inspire you to decorate your bathroom in dark, atmospheric colors and you will never regret it, no matter what style you choose.

Most atmospheric dark bathrooms are designed in minimalist, modern, wabi sabi, art deco and industrial styles as these styles look amazing and natural in dark colors. Add a touch of rustic or vintage style for a chic and not boring look. Let’s take a closer look at how to make your dark bathroom stand out.

sink space

Choose your style and keep that in mind when decorating. You can opt for dark grey, brown or black tiles or stones for a textured look. Concrete also works well if it’s moody enough, and wooden cabinets and countertops add a sophisticated touch. If you can afford it, opt for black marble countertops or even walls, you will love them. A mirror can also add style to the room and even make it up if it is an impressive vintage frame or a large minimal. Dark rooms need additional light. So when decorating, remember to use pendants and hidden lights in the mirror and under the drawers.

shower and bath areas

Clad your shower and bath area in dark tile or stone for functionality, or it can be dark concrete for durability. While most showers are decorated in a laconic and minimalist way, the bathing area can and should be your stunning focal point in the bathroom. Rock fabulous vintage-style copper tubs to make a statement, or a black stone tub for a relaxing spa feel. If you have windows or lots of light, your dark bathroom will look smaller than it is. Place candles around the bathtub for a chic look and a relaxing touch.

Dark colors are often used for masculine spaces. So if you want one, this is your option. Liven up your bathroom with potted greens and flowers for a chic look. Use copper and brass details to give your dark bathroom a chic look. In order not to get bored, just play with textures and use natural materials like wood, stone and marble.

Handy balcony storage ideas

If you live in a big city, in an apartment, and you have a balcony, if it’s not big, try to organize it in a practical way. How can you keep things on a balcony? There are some cool ideas and the first one is to use the seating like a bench or a stool to store pillows and other small things inside. Shelves have always been the most common idea to store everything. So why not on the balcony? If your balcony is not that small, you can take nice storage furniture like a étagère or some shelves. Check out the idea below and get inspired!

Seating furniture with storage space

If your balcony is really small or even tiny, your way is a bench with some storage space inside. The bench can be big or small, it can be long and narrow or it can look different, it depends on your balcony. Choose the design or make the bench yourself depending on the color and decor. You can also add a matching ottoman with storage inside or some shelves above the bench and you get a lot of storage space even in the smallest of spaces!

Other Storage Items

All other storage units usually fit larger or large balconies as they require some space. It can be a glass cabinet, a large or small shelf, some shelves above the room, some built-in shelves, a ladder that can be taken away if necessary, or a colorful cabinet. Small boxes on wheels are a great idea for around the house – you can use them anywhere in the room and store anything you want – from pots and planters to accessories. If you have a lot of space, combine different solutions to maximize storage space.

Comfortable chair with a refined feel

During the golden age of the Roman Empire, it was the custom of nobles to take care of the quality items. They loved luxury and beautiful objects, and Russian designer Sergey Senchin decided to pay tribute to this refined furniture that Romans used to love.

The Patricius 1 chair repeats the archetypal form of ancient Rome furniture. The metal rod forms the body of the chair, creating a balanced, sculptural quality that can be appreciated from every angle. The seat is made of oak wood. The whole construction looks very modern and even minimalistic, the combination of materials is very simple yet beautiful: metal and plywood are great basic materials and they go well together.

Such a simple and stripped-down construction fits well in any modern space, and while it looks very light, it’s very stable and comfortable to sit on. Get such stylish chairs for your home!

This is how you make your home contemporary

Does your home seem outdated? Then it’s high time to give your home a fresh, contemporary feel with streamlined designs and items. We have prepared some tips to quickly give a traditional home a contemporary feel. Most of these are fairly easy and affordable.

Forget furniture sets

Mismatched furniture is a hot trend in home decor, and of course modern home furniture shouldn’t come in sets: it’s way cooler when you have different pieces. Each of them is unique but they create a coherent space. Give your home a makeover: break up the sets and move parts of them to different rooms and spaces. If you still want to keep the set together, repaint and reupholster some pieces to give them a different look and still make a cohesive set. You can also head to various yard sales, garage sales, and clearance deals to find some pieces and get a contemporary feel for less.

Include negative space

A must-have for contemporary and minimalist styles, negative space has strong psychological implications: it gives your eyes a rest and a zen feel to your home. Even if you don’t have a lot of space not to fill it, reconsider your decor: what things do you really need and what don’t? Take away everything you don’t need and you get a clean and uncluttered contemporary look.

Choose a color palette

Favor a consistent color palette throughout the home so that each room has its own theme and functions. Contrasting features give the rooms a sharp and clean look that’s so popular for modern homes. Ditch the muted beige and use black, cream, white and other bold colors to add sharper edges to your home. Adding black hardware to white cabinets, for example, can update outdated cabinets.