Wallpaper kitchen backsplashes

Wallpaper has made a huge comeback in home decor and is only growing in popularity. You can see them everywhere, from the bathroom to the children’s room. It’s not just about statement walls, it’s about covering all the walls in wallpaper or even making furniture stand out with bold wallpaper. Today I want to share some more ideas on how to use wallpaper creatively in your home. These are background images for wallpaper in the kitchen. Yes, backsplashes! You could say it’s impractical and a bad idea, but I’m willing to prove that it isn’t.


Creating a tiled backsplash can be very expensive and quite difficult, not everyone can do it, while a background backsplash doesn’t cost much and can be done very quickly by you even if you don’t know how, there are many DIYers out there. Temporary wallpaper is also a perfect idea for a rented house because, unlike tiles, you can easily remove it.

Some backsplashes are water resistant, so they can easily be used in place of tiles. If not, consider installing an acrylic or glass panel to cover the backsplash and protect it from grease and water splashes.

Postcards, drawings and other samples of your own designs or collection can also be hung behind a glass panel for a backsplash. It’s a good idea to personalize your backsplash and give your kitchen a cuter look that cannot be done with other materials.

Wallpaper is a good idea to get noticed. There are many ideas, from retro-inspired to ultra-modern. Tile backsplashes are seen often, but wallpaper is a unique way to add design to your space.


Wallpaper is not a practical choice for a functional space like a kitchen unless you choose waterproof wallpaper or an extra screen over it. Otherwise, you will have to change wallpaper very often to avoid messy look. This is why wallpaper with background images is not a good idea if you have children – they draw on them, break glass and more.

Japanese aesthetic wabi sabi home decor ideas

The Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi is based on the idea of ​​the beauty of imperfection. This ancient, complicated concept originated in Zen Buddhism and shares its properties such as austerity and communication with nature. Wabi-sabi is all about asymmetry, modesty and simplicity – nothing polished, nothing glittery, just enjoy the real textures and looks. Wabi-sabi styles pair well with minimalist, modern, industrial and even shabby chic and farmhouse styles – choose what you prefer for a very clean and natural or a cozy and rough look.

Once you have decided on this style, earthy tones like brown, beige, taupe, creamy white, green and all kinds of gray tones are the best way to go. Atmospheric spaces that are so popular today can easily be styled in wabi-sabi style and look very natural. For furniture, choose unfinished, rough edges and incomplete shapes. Worn parts also fit perfectly with the wabi-sabi concept. Natural and coarse fabrics would look organic in such an interior, like handmade accessories made of natural stone or wood. You can also bring some natural touches like sticks, twigs, pebbles, stones and rocks and even freshen up the spaces with some greenery in pots or vases. Just don’t go too lush or use flowers – they don’t belong in this style. Check out the ideas below and get inspired!

Japanese Aesthetics: 35 Wabi Sabi Home Décor Ideas - DigsDigs.
Japanese Aesthetics: 35 Wabi Sabi Home Décor Ideas - DigsDigs.
Japanese Aesthetics: 35 Wabi Sabi Home Décor Ideas |  Rustic home.

Wrought Iron Railing Ideas

Do you choose a type of handrail for your indoor or outdoor stairs? I have a brilliant idea for you – why not wrought iron railings? Wrought iron is a very low-carbon iron alloy somewhat similar to steel. If you’re hesitating about whether or not you need it, let’s look at some pros and cons and some examples to help you make the final decision.


Wrought iron fences are much stronger than other common materials. Because wrought iron is so difficult to break, it is better than many other fences for security reasons. The durability also means that wrought iron fences will last much longer than other fences. For the most part, these fences are easy to maintain, especially when painted.

The term wrought iron was used for this type of iron because it could be worked into many different shapes and designs. The alloy itself has an elastic and malleable nature that many artists and designers can mold into interesting patterns.

If you’ve had trouble with fence-destroying pests in the past, this is good news: barring weird mutations or alien invasions, nothing will chew a wrought-iron fence. With the right design, they can actually keep many pesky animals completely out of your home, although there’s probably no fence so amazing that a really determined animal can’t find a way around.


Wrought iron is more expensive than wood and vinyl fences due to its material and the difficulties involved. Additionally, it can be a bit more expensive to install, especially if the wrought iron design is custom made. Wrought iron is heavy, requires a lot more work to properly fasten, and requires proper anchoring to keep it from falling easily in certain soils. The list goes on. That means you either work on it for a long time or pay a premium for its installation.

If you use it outside and a wrought iron fence has been weathered long enough, it will begin to corrode. Rust on wrought iron is particularly difficult to deal with because of the slag in the metal. As mentioned above, painting the wrought iron can prevent rust from forming. However, over time, the paint peels off and therefore a new paint has to be applied every few years.

Although wrought iron can be bent into many different designs, fences made from this material are usually very easy to see through. In general, the straight bars and whorls common to wrought iron fencing are considered “open” patterns. Open designs usually have iron bars that are close enough together to keep people out, but far enough apart to see through.


Wrought iron railings are widely used indoors. Such a railing looks beautiful and always catches the eye, and even the simplest staircase will look amazing with it. Wrought iron can almost match the interior depending on the color and pattern, but it is more commonly used in traditional, industrial, modern and minimalist interiors than others.

exterior decor

Wrought iron is also a good idea outdoors, especially if you want a luxurious look for the entrance. Order a custom made sample for your railing for a fantastic look!

Porch Patio Fall Ideas

Fall is here and I bet you are already decorating your home for fall and of course the outdoor areas should not be forgotten. There are some cool rock ideas out there, and you might want to steal them for your porch, patio, and garden. They create a cozy atmosphere and make your outdoor space more welcoming. Let’s take a look.

Patio campfire

Campfires are great for any time of the year, but especially in autumn: it’s pretty cold and it’s very cozy to sit by the fire. Here you can greet friends and family, enjoy romantic dinners, and just talk and laugh with whoever you want. Create a cozy space with a fire pit. The first thing to consider is safety – this part of your patio should be clad in stone or brick. Choose an appropriate material and then style your fire pit space, set up comfortable furniture, drop pillows and blankets, and roast some marshmallows.

Outdoor bar

An outdoor bar is another great feature to add to your space: it cools you down on hot days, and warms you up on cold days. It can be a homemade wooden stand that you make specifically for your patio, or a mobile bar cart on wheels to bring back indoors when needed, or an elegant glass stand for a party, or even a Murphy bar, if not available, not much space. Choose your favorite option and make hot chocolate there!

Invisible Doors

Connect indoors and outdoors as much as possible to feel closer to nature and more relaxed. Opt for folding or sliding doors that can be fully opened to merge two rooms into one. Folding doors and windows are one of the hottest trends right now. They can be a good idea to combine indoors with outdoors.

hanging chairs

Hanging a few chairs on your patio is a fresh twist on a traditional hanging day bed or bench. It’s a cool and dreamy idea. Add some pillows and blankets and a cozy conversation nook is ready!

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Added a small lintel to the back porch.  I hope you can't see that.

Black and white home office designs

Most of us have a home office or corner home office at home and if you are preparing to build one or renovate an existing one but don’t know how to do it or what to choose I have a brilliant one Idea! Choose black and white as the main color scheme, it always works! These are two basic colors that can be mixed in different proportions. You can apply them to many styles, especially Scandinavian, minimalist and contemporary, accenting them with colorful accessories or furniture if you like.

Where to start

First, decide on the style you want to use – Nordic, minimalist, modern, contemporary, contemporary, glam, eclectic, boho or any other – this color scheme will go with almost anything. Second, find out how much color is in your room. Will it get darker and moodier as you relax, or will it be flooded with light and light to stimulate work and reflection? Incorporate these colors appropriately into your home decor – make a blank white canvas to fill with white and black units, or choose black walls and a white floor and lots of black furniture.

What furniture and decor to choose

Furniture and decor should match the style you have chosen. They can be made not only in black or white, but also in wood with various stains – wood makes the room more interesting. You can also choose catchy furniture designs – bold trestles, catchy chairs, metal lamps, pendants or wall chairs, etc. Incorporate potted greenery to freshen up your home office color scheme and add some rugs with geometric or abstract patterns to make the room cozier design.

Black and white decoration ideas for home office desig
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Nursery corner in a bedroom

Many parents today decide to have a nursery corner right in their master bedroom for many reasons: firstly, many young parents prefer to keep an eye on the baby, secondly, not every house can accommodate an additional nursery, and thirdly, it may simply be other reasons more convenient be. If you are looking to incorporate a child’s room into your bedroom, here are some tips that may be helpful to you.

Don’t make a mess

First, look at your bedroom and understand if there is enough space for a whole child’s room or if it is better to just store a cot and nothing else. If your bedroom is rather small, then it is better to put only a cot and cabinets, and a changing table can be moved to other rooms. This way your bedroom will feel more airy and welcoming, which is essential for a bedroom, and you and your child will feel it. A cot can be placed next to the bed or even hung where it is convenient. That saves more space.

If your bedroom is big enough, organize a whole baby corner with a crib, a wardrobe or a makeshift closet for your baby, some shelves, a changing table, a cell phone, some artwork, and baskets or dressers for storage. The amount of furniture and what you choose is up to you – choose the coolest and most functional pieces and don’t forget some artwork and lights to make the corner stand out.

stick to style

Regardless of whether you just want to place a cot here or create a whole corner, integrate each new detail harmoniously into your existing space. Choose furniture that matches your bedroom with style and looks. Do not make contrasts to avoid a tasteless look. Decor items should also fit, and I strongly recommend avoiding too many childlike items in the room so it doesn’t look like a large children’s room – it’s your space too! Get inspired!

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Master bedroom with a children's room for your family stay.
Master bedroom with children's corner |  BabyRabies.com |  master bedroom .

Flemish house extension

This is an extension of a Flemish house, it is only 5.5 meters wide and 18 meters deep, typical dimensions for a Belgian terraced house but still challenging. Antwerp-based practice ismarchitecten has managed to activate creativity to meet these constraints.

The architects designed an open configuration that runs the full depth of the home, combining the renovated home at the front and the new single-story extension at the back, visually connecting the street frontage with the backyard. Slight differences in floor height and clever use of free materials create distinct zones without the need for partitions, while the use of skylights and mirrors ensure the home is uniformly light and airy despite its long depth.

The architects strategically used a limited range of materials in different applications and configurations. The blond natural veining of the wood wall paneling in the living room is reflected in the wood ceiling in the kitchen/dining area, the underlying structure of which is semi-bizarrely visible, as well as in several pieces of furniture of Scandinavian simplicity and lush light pink carpet giving way to a polished concrete floor that stands out continues to the outside terrace.

Lighter and darker grays complement this modest color palette, the muted sensibility of which is spiced up by the marble used for the countertop and backsplash in the kitchen. The marble surfaces with a swirl of red and brown reflections enliven the space with expressionist passion and echo the earth tones of the stonework on the outdoor terrace. The transition between indoor and outdoor is also facilitated by the use of a floor-to-ceiling mirror on the side of the kitchen cabinet, allowing for a view of the backyard from the dining table, while a corner mirror integrated into the kitchen counter creates playful reflections.

This Flemish style home in Belgium offers a very modern addition.
Renovation and extension of a Flemish villa by Martens-Brunet.
BEFORE and AFTER - The renovation and extension of a Flemish villa.

Apartment in all shades of gray

The concept of simplicity takes various forms and there are endless ways in which architects and interior designers can express this idea. For this apartment from Moscow, Russia, the strategy chosen by Alexey Rozenberg is based on raw materials and gray tones.

Despite a general lack of color, the place doesn’t look bland or drab. Indeed it has a lot of character. The gray interior is surprisingly lively and dynamic. Although all the rooms are monochrome and share basically the same hues, they are individual even when part of an open floor plan. The apartment boasts 160 square meters of living space, all furnished with a range of raw materials, masterfully toned down with a range of smooth and welcoming finishes and complemented by carefully chosen textures and patterns. I love using wood to make the space warmer and cozier. The gray living room is simple while appearing open and intimate at the same time.

Different shades of gray outline key elements throughout the interior design, and different areas are highlighted with different materials and finishes. The bedroom areas welcome warm wooden elements into their interiors, ultimately creating a very welcoming and comfortable ambiance. Check out these pictures and get inspired!

Show apartment 'Shades of Grey' by Ippolito Fleitz Group |  Life.
Custom art from Christian Gray's apartment in Fifty Shades Darker.
Inside Christian Gray's Apartment from 50 Shades of Gray - Lon

Pink Black Bedroom Decor Ideas

Black and pink are an amazing combination of colors that are usually used to create girly or just very sophisticated spaces and today I’m going to share some ideas for rocking both colors in a bedroom.

styles and colors

Pink has tons of shades to choose from and, like all pastels, is timeless. There’s blush, bright pink, dusty pink, pink and even fuchsia – a whole range of shades, black can be warm or cold and that’s it and I can say any black goes well with any pink. Choose your shade of pink depending on the effect you want to create and mix it with black. Decide how much of each color you want to use. You can add neutrals or white to freshen up the color scheme, go for navy or gray to add a play of shades and a moody feel, or bring in silver and gold for a glamorous feel.

What styles can be used with such a color scheme? Modern glam is the most popular idea, although you can use these colors to create a minimalist, contemporary, vintage, and even a country bedroom. Atmospheric, sophisticated bedrooms and purely girly rooms are often designed in these colors.


You can choose black walls for a moody space, or you can limit yourself to a black accent wall. Pink walls are also welcome, and you can try color-blocked pink and black ones – it’s up to you and your decorating style. Think of the furniture – will it all be black or will you bring some pink pieces too? Textiles such as bedding, carpets, curtains and upholstery will help you to keep the color scheme.

Madie's Pink, Black, and Zebra Room |  Zebra Room, Pink Zebra Room.
Pin on my bedroom decor ide
My daughters redecorated the bedroom Pink bedroom decor, pink.

Painted chair ideas

We’re more used to stained furniture these days, but if you want to add some color to the space, why not paint the furniture? Today I want to share some ideas to fill your space with color – with painted chairs, see how to do it.

Painted chairs

Get some old chairs and use different colors to turn them into modern and bold ones. Remember to rock different colors: blue, green, pink, red, yellow and others. You can’t mix and match pastels for a vintage-inspired or shabby-chic look, or try super bold colors to jazz up a monochromatic or neutral space. I love the idea of ​​using the same chairs in different colors for a bold, modern look, or creating an eclectic space with mismatched colors. Mix and match stains and bold colors – stain the legs and paint the chair yourself for a cool and contemporary look. If you are looking for a more sophisticated and vintage image, paint your chairs in cream and off-white hues – they will add elegance and take your home decor to a new level. If you don’t want to paint the whole chair, just dip the legs or the backrest and voila – you’ve got a refreshed piece of furniture!

Color block and ombre chairs

If you want a more modern and bold look, use the techniques that are currently popular: color blocking and ombre, or create a two-tone look. Ombre chairs give your space a makeover – rock different shades from white to bold. This is an easy DIY project and you’ll enjoy the look. Color block chairs are also a cool and bold option to make the room more unique and catchy – try contrasting colors to make it more catchy. Two tone chairs are another cool idea that looks like color blocking but is a little softer – you just paint the legs in one shade and the chair itself in another. Get inspired by the bold and cool ideas below!

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