Africa inspired decor ideas

Africa is an exotic place that will amaze you and be remembered forever as soon as you see it. If you love this part of the world but can’t go there, you can always bring that flavor into your home and create African-inspired interiors. Such rooms are perfect for countries with long winters, just to add some warmth to the interior. What characterizes the African decor?

Light walls and warm colors

Traditional African houses are mud huts. So if you want to give your interior an African flair, finish your walls with something similar: plaster or textured wallpaper, and remember that the shadows should be warm. In fact, African nature is always warm colored and you should repeat this feature in your home too: yellow, orange, ocher, burgundy, red, brown, buttermilk and so on.

Dark wood furniture, ethnic or animal skin upholstery

Dark wood furniture, loose and artisanal, is a defining feature of African interiors. They should be square. For upholstery, choose ethnic prints or artificial animal skins to perfectly emphasize the interior. You can opt for rattan or woven furniture for outdoor use, it is also suitable for African interiors.

African statuettes, ceramics and masks

Wooden statuettes and masks are a sacred object in the life of African tribes and, of course, there is no African interior without them. Get a variety of figurines with the wrong proportions, with legs or hands intentionally elongated, masks with feathers and various African pottery to decorate your home. These pieces are just what you need to bring an African flair to your interior, even if they are minimalist.

Ethnic textiles and artificial animal skins

Leopard and zebra prints are number one for textiles and upholstery and of course for carpets because such carpets really set the mood. Weaving carpets and textiles has been a tradition for African women for many centuries, creating unique patterns each time. So get some ethnic rugs and textiles like curtains, bedspreads and sheets. If you don’t buy the originals, you can easily find African-inspired textiles.

There are other ideas that can help you create African interiors: palm leaves, natural materials and accessories, especially wood and fabrics, oversized photos of Africans for a modern feel, and so on. Get inspired!

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