Minimalist ergonomic work chair

A lot of research is being done on how to work healthily – which desks we need, which chairs we need to choose to be as comfortable as possible. This work chair is ideal for your muscles. If you’re worried about your health, it’s time to take a look.

The chair was designed by a whole team: Aurimas Lazinskas, Vainius Markelis, Saulius Sestavickas and Vilius Kiskis. It offers balance exercises and muscle stimulation – important factors that can promote creativity and health at work.

Following the current trends for minimalism, the chair has a minimalist mix of a curved wooden frame and a soft felt seat. You can sit two ways: splayed like you’re on horseback or in a traditional chair position. Its shape forces you to balance – whether you’re sitting at the dining table or at your desk, you’ll be working on your core, whether you realize it or not. Such a piece is also a good idea, not only for work, but also for meals and other activities – we should take care of our health all the time, right?

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