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Cabin Bathroom Ideas

Cabin Bathroom Ideas

Cabin bathroom ideas

IDEAS FOR CABIN BATHROOM – Cabin bathroom models usually use wood or rustic elements. The cabin bathroom itself becomes part of a cabin that is usually located in the middle of the jungle.

Some opt for a cabin vacation away from the big cities. They even have their own cabins while others are staying at a resort. We are hereby offering 10 types of bathrooms for cabins that you can realize later when you are planning one.

Seductive cabin bathroom

Seductive cabin bathroom
Source: homebnc.com

By definition, a cabin bathroom depends on the wood. Depending on the bathroom design and budget, you can choose between wooden boards or tree trunks. The first recommendation attracts us because of the combination of wood.

The cabin bathroom chooses the wooden planks that work together with the white concrete like the bathroom wall. While the ceiling of the bathroom uses the white lacquered wooden boards.

The bathroom adorns the area with the portrait of the old lady, flowers and classic wall lamps. It chooses the simple hanger to hold the towels.

Small cabin bathroom

Small cabin bathroom
Source: pixel.changeofheartbook.com

Small but nice. The example selects trunks that support the entire bathroom. The picture shows that the bathroom consists of the toilet and the sink. In the sink area is the wooden storage area that can be used to store handkerchiefs or towels.

The sample looks familiar in small cabin bathrooms. The bathroom is still cozy with the large window. You don’t have to worry about the low ceiling construction. The use of wood creates a fresh feeling in the bathroom.

You can use the storage space as a dresser when you have the mirror to fix your face.

Pleasant cabin bathroom

Pleasant cabin bathroom
Source: oaklodgepa.com

A good idea to decorate a medium sized cabin bathroom. This looks pleasant with the unique design, the light type of wood and the minimalist bathroom accessories. The bathroom contains both the shower area and the bathtub.

The bathroom chooses the wooden floorboards that are neatly nailed together. Through the large window you can enjoy the green view behind the glass pane. The bathroom has a wooden cabinet that can be used as a dresser.

The bathroom is not only pleasant, but also multifunctional.

Fashionable cabin bathroom

Fashionable cabin bathroom
Source: publicdomainpictures.net

The example shows that a bathroom made of wood can look fashionable. The example mixes logs and boards. The result looks super natural and warm. The bathroom contains the basic equipment.

The bathtub, sink and toilet are all you need given the tight space. There are floating storage rooms for tissues and other items. It is noteworthy that the bathroom hangs the studio-like lamps from the ceiling.

Also, the window above the toilet with the inscription looks graceful. The chair on the corner holds clean towels. Such a well designed bathroom in the cabin!

Remarkable cabin bathroom
Source: bercovitzdesign.com

The bathroom in the cabin looks different from the previous ones as the pattern has a high ceiling. The aspect and the window ensure good air circulation in the bathroom.

The bathroom looks full but is beautiful at the same time. It doesn’t matter to fill the area with the vanity and cabinet. They all look rustic. The vanity contains the wash basin, the drawers and the cupboards.

While the closet can hold tissues, clean towels and other items. For decoration, the bathroom places the red flowers, which are the same color as the towels.

Minimalist cabin bathroom

Minimalist cabin bathroom
Source: handsupholidays.com

This is by the sea. We believe the cabin bathroom is part of a resort or a luxury yacht. This makes it understandable that the cabin bathroom practices the minimalist design.

The bathroom takes up the wooden planks to fill the walls, floor, and vanity. However, compared to the previous examples, the wood category always looks lighter.

The bathroom consists of the shower area and the sink. The vanity can act as a chest of drawers. So you can look stylish even in the middle of the sea.

Impressive cabin bathroom

Impressive cabin bathroom
Source: gestablishment.com

Most of our 10 bathroom ideas really impress us with the way they decorate the small space. This one is no exception. For example, the example sets the hexagonal window style, which looks creative and stylish.

The bathroom wall is decorated with a picture that inspires us to love nature. Our favorite is the classic memory that feels so wonderful. The memory has three levels, indicated by the boxes.

The bathtub toy is located above the storage space. So beautiful!

Quiet cabin bathroom

Quiet cabin bathroom
Source: pixelarttutorial.com

Efficient and quiet. The bathroom in the cabin takes up the wood category, which looks old but calm. So you can enjoy quiet moments in the bathroom despite the limited space.

The bathroom has the basics we need. There is the toilet, sink and shower area. In the bathroom you can still see the mirror and the fixed shelf. The towel holder is available next to the sink.

Gorgeous bathroom in the cabin

Gorgeous bathroom in the cabin
Source: nuevoencuentro.com

This one looks luxurious. The bathroom occupies a large area that will later become such a wealthy bathroom. The bathroom contains the bathtub and shower area. There is the L-shaped sink area with the storage tank.

You can use the storage space to store many items, from handkerchiefs to towels. The bathroom shows the storage space or the vanity for the flowers. There’s the large, rounded mirror that you can use to touch up or just check the face.

The bathroom keeps the area spacious so you can relax while enjoying the natural taste of the wood.

Excellent cabin bathroom

Excellent cabin bathroom
Source: extremecoupondiva.com

Unique and reclaimed. Our final recommendation looks great with the two flavors. The unique side comes from the countertop which uses the woodblock prints used. The woodcuts are carried by the iron holder.

While the restored mode from the wooden door appears on the left in the picture. The door makes the bathroom look old-fashioned and tasteful. The bathroom combines the flavors with the lamps and the towel rail that represents the modern tone.

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