Cottage Bathroom Ideas

Cottage bathroom ideas

COTTAGE BATHROOM IDEAS – You definitely want to keep the whole family clean and hygienic in your holiday home during your vacation. At the same time, you don’t want a cottage bathroom that is too plain.

We have 10 cottage bathroom styles to show you how creative you can be on the matter. The list, of course, prioritizes health and comfort. We hope the examples these days represent an ordinary cottage bathroom.

Primitive Cottage Bathroom

Primitive Cottage Bathroom

Create an old-fashioned feel to your cottage bathroom. Our first recommendation looks very classic and natural. The bathroom uses wood that looks super old. You can feel this sound from the ceiling, walls and furniture of the bathroom.

The bathroom uses the classic style with the wooden partition. The chandelier lamp, which represents the old clay, hangs in the bathroom for decoration. The old portrait and the algae basket make the narrow bathroom beautiful.

Interestingly, next to the faucet, the bathroom has a glowing bathtub. The bathroom model is suitable for your holiday home in the jungle.

Nautical cottage bathroom


You can practice the second style for your beach vacation home. The bathroom uses the nautical bathroom design known for its bright and comfortable atmosphere.

The bathroom uses the ship area, which consists of blue-painted wooden boards, as a good entry point. The ship’s hatch supports the bathroom theme and at the same time softens the strong blue tone emanating from the bathtub.

The narrow space does not limit the creativity of the bathroom. It grabs the wall with the ship pictures. The chandelier lighting brings a classic shade into the bathroom.

Fresh cottage bathroom


The special thing about the cottage bathroom is that in this area you can enjoy a wonderful panorama outside the bathroom. The copy looks fresh despite the tight space and minimalist furniture design.

The bathroom sets up the large window so you can relax while your eyes enjoy the view. For the natural taste, the bathroom chooses the wooden element, from the floor to the storage space or the cupboard.

Not to mention the living leaves and pebbles that make the bathroom fresher and more natural.

Graceful cottage bathroom


You can use this cottage bath for your cottage by the ocean or in the middle of the jungle. This despite the picture that shows that the bathroom of the cabin looks like sitting in a forest.

We personally consider the strong blue shade to be a graceful color bringer. If you apply the shade to the cladding, the result will be more elegant. In addition, the bathroom chooses the claw-foot bathtub.

The glasses contain nautical accessories. We summarize bathroom design in various sub-styles. nautical and classic at the same time.

Gorgeous cottage bathroom


The modern bathroom style is open to freestyle applications. This cottage bathroom model looks modern. It seems nice with the creative mix and coordination. For example, the bathroom chooses wooden floors.

Later, the floor style works together with the shelf or countertop, which looks minimalist. The bathtub is accompanied by the green ceramic. The bathroom has large windows through which you can feel the green view outside.

Despite the mixed elements, the bathroom feels comfortable and spacious. Ultimately, that’s what makes it really important.

Vintage cottage style bathroom


Choose a country style bathroom style that you cannot easily do in your master bathroom at home. It looks, for example, classic and very nice. The bathroom is in the middle of the forest and is a nice place to relax.

The pink hue definitely makes for a strong, pretty tone generator. The vintage flavor comes from the claw foot bathtub along with the shower and faucet like this one.

The cladding also looks trendy and classic. The wooden floor and door make the bathroom warm and cozy.

Modern cottage bathroom


Modern with green accents. The bathroom in the cottage chooses the easy way that does not cost too much money on accessories. This makes the bathroom with a bathtub and floating washbasin look casual.

We are surprised to see that the bathroom gives the green taste of the curtain and the floor. The green taste contrasts with the white bathroom but doesn’t look overly dramatic.

Clean cottage bathroom


This also applies to the modern bathroom style, but with a classic touch. The modern accents come from the bathtub, toilet, ceramics and washbasin. Interestingly, they all use the classic designs.

The variation results from the floor design of the bathroom. The tiles look fashionable with the tumbled stone arrangement. In addition, the bathroom lays out the carpet to dry your feet.

Quiet cottage bathroom


Radiant and peaceful at the same time. Unlike the previous examples, this cottage bathroom chooses yellow. The yellow shade corresponds to the brownish shade that comes from the wood category.

As you can see, the bathroom feels peaceful and helps you enjoy quiet moments. We really admire that, despite the narrow space, the bathroom has a trendy design. The design is noticeable through the three-part window.

The bathtub looks natural. The bathroom then uses the small corner to show the flowers.

Bathroom in the shabby chic cottage


Let’s use what you already have. Our final recommendation invites you to recycle existing items in our home for the cabin bathroom. The bathroom looks so shabby chic with the reclaimed bathtub and storage space or countertop.

The bathroom chooses the soft shade of yellow to make the area delicate. There are the flowers, the mirror and the picture that adorn the bathroom. You don’t have to buy all of the accessories. Just carry it from the other rooms to place it here.

You can enjoy the freshness of the trees through the large windows.

Hope the 10 cottage bathroom ideas can inspire you next time folks! Have fun experimenting!


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