Hanging bedroom headboards

There is a new and very cozy trend in bedroom decor and this is headboards with pillows or cushions! This isn’t just a stack of pillows that serve as a headboard, but pillows that hang on the wall to form a headboard. Such a headboard is comfortable, very soft, comfortable to lean on and you can easily adapt it to your bedroom yourself – it can be made of any fabric and even the pillows can be made by yourself. The good thing is, even if your bed doesn’t have a headboard, you can get a trendy one. There are different shapes, sizes and looks that you can try. Check out some ideas below!

pillow headboards

Go for the right cushions in any fabric – look out for velvet and leather that will add texture to your space. The cushions can be regular or flat, they can be hung on a metal holder or matching leather straps. Choose a contrasting color for your headboard to add a touch of shadow, or at the very least, choose a bold metal holder – one made of copper, brass or black. There are many DIY projects on the internet to take ideas and inspiration from!

Long headboard pillows

A long headboard with pillows looks a little more elegant and laconic than an ordinary pillow, which makes the room look less casual. Such a headboard is usually flatter and may or may not be tufted depending on the style you wish to add to your space. I love flat leather headboards that are hanging, they look very modern and fresh and those little rings that they are hanging from make the room more relaxed. Even if you have a simple headboard, you can add some rings for hanging or cut it down and hang it on brackets. Be inspired and make your bedroom the ultimate experience.

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