Creative faucets

A faucet is a necessary thing for a bathroom or kitchen, and sometimes it becomes an accessory that makes your design and decor stand out. A working faucet adds light, filters water, and maybe even saves it—there are all kinds of models you can try. You’ll find unique 3D printed items, handy faucets to flush your facial spray water, and many other models that will get noticed. Here are some modern and bold ideas to buy now and install in your space – all stand out.

The Noah brings the intuitive act of tipping over to the faucet. The faucet has a temperature dial at the top that can be rotated 90 degrees to switch between hot and cold. Then simply tip the horizontal tube over and the water will gush out. The design is laconic and modern – a black pipe that will fit into any modern bathroom. It was originally inspired by the shape of the traditional Japanese bamboo fountain but given a more modern look.

‘AXOR Starck V’ observes human interaction in relation to water and space. Most striking is its transparent body – the first mixer of its kind – which focuses on the movement of the water. As a technical feature that makes water visible, it allows the mixer to blend into its surroundings and metaphorically shows how water is a precious resource that forms the basis of our daily lives. Its open spout encourages this notion of the vitality of the natural resource, allowing the user to experience the flow of water before their eyes – from the tap to the basin in a free-fall movement.

The spray faucet features an innovative spray function that emits a continuous, soft stream of water that can be conveniently used to wash your face more comfortably. Better still, it saves three quarters of the amount of water normally used. The gentle spray of water increases the comfort and convenience of washing your face. The design includes two outlets – one that delivers comfortable spray water up and one that delivers bubble water down. The height of the handle is 60mm (three times that of traditional faucets), which means the faucet can swing flexibly. This makes it super easy to wash your face and hair.

Daphne from Park Geun is a unique piece that consists of a shower, hand shower and faucet. Like all three, Daphne does an excellent job using his own form to his advantage. It is very functional as you can keep your hands free to mount Daphne in a higher place. It can be used as a faucet by pressing the bottom button. After pulling the handle and pushing the button up, you can use it as a shower. It is possible to use it in an effective place by exposing the shower faucet during use and exposing the shower head and playing a role as a faucet when not in use. Certainly the coolest thing in your whole house!

A whole new era of faucets has dawned: 3D printed faucets. American Standard’s DXV raises the bar with its all-new creative faucet designs created using 3D printing technology. Using selective laser sintering, it takes approximately 24 hours to print each solid metal faucet. It is then handcrafted for a more polished look.

The Quis Tap-Touch Basin faucet would use 15% less water than a typical faucet at the same water pressure while creating unexpected beauty. The fluid vortex is created by using two separate flow elements of different diameters, one rotating clockwise and the other rotating counter-clockwise. The result is an intriguing liquid lattice or other unusual water flow design, depending on the shape of the vortex features.

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