Fairy lights in home offices

String lights are amazing: diverse, easy to mix and match, simple and stylish, and very budget-friendly. I bet there’s an option for every room and style, and they fit easily into a minimalist space too. We’re constantly sharing ideas on how to use them throughout your home, and today’s roundup is about home offices.

Fairy lights and home offices are a perfect match: a home office or work area gets more light (necessary for reading and working), a more inviting ambience and highlights here and there. With fairy lights you can avoid other light sources, they can be enough or highlight some parts or rooms here. Let’s look at examples.


One of the most popular and coolest ideas is to cover your bulletin board or bulletin board with fairy lights. This way you emphasize them even more and inspire you better. They come in all sorts of shapes and colors, making it easy to figure out what to use for your own space. They also bring more light into the work area. The easiest idea for putting up fairy lights is to secure them with a lattice board, which is a trending piece right now. Of course you can illuminate any board you want with lights.

Above the table

The best idea is to hang fairy lights over the desk – higher or lower, it’s up to you or just vertically in the corner. It’s a great way to brighten up your workspace, add some light and create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere to make you feel more inspired to work or study. You can hang the lights on one or both sides of the desk or above the window if the desk is next to it. Try different options!


If there are some shelves, you can hang the lights on them – to make the display stand out or to illuminate the desk in more detail. It’s a great idea and very easy to make – it doesn’t take time to attach the lights anywhere.

Other ideas

Hang the fairy lights to visually separate the work area from other areas. Hang them on a mirror or door next to your room to get more light but not directly in the work area right around it. Place the lights directly on the desk to feel like you are in a magical garden. Enjoy!

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