Nursery corner in a bedroom

Nursery corner in a bedroom

Many parents today decide to have a nursery corner right in their master bedroom for many reasons: firstly, many young parents prefer to keep an eye on the baby, secondly, not every house can accommodate an additional nursery, and thirdly, it may simply be other reasons more convenient be. If you are looking to incorporate a child’s room into your bedroom, here are some tips that may be helpful to you.

Don’t make a mess

First, look at your bedroom and understand if there is enough space for a whole child’s room or if it is better to just store a cot and nothing else. If your bedroom is rather small, then it is better to put only a cot and cabinets, and a changing table can be moved to other rooms. This way your bedroom will feel more airy and welcoming, which is essential for a bedroom, and you and your child will feel it. A cot can be placed next to the bed or even hung where it is convenient. That saves more space.

If your bedroom is big enough, organize a whole baby corner with a crib, a wardrobe or a makeshift closet for your baby, some shelves, a changing table, a cell phone, some artwork, and baskets or dressers for storage. The amount of furniture and what you choose is up to you – choose the coolest and most functional pieces and don’t forget some artwork and lights to make the corner stand out.

stick to style

Regardless of whether you just want to place a cot here or create a whole corner, integrate each new detail harmoniously into your existing space. Choose furniture that matches your bedroom with style and looks. Do not make contrasts to avoid a tasteless look. Decor items should also fit, and I strongly recommend avoiding too many childlike items in the room so it doesn’t look like a large children’s room – it’s your space too! Get inspired!

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