Luxurious marble bathroom designs

Luxurious marble bathroom designs

Marble is a royal material, it is refined and expensive. Because of its appearance and durability, it is the best and most exquisite material for bathroom design. It has been a material for making bathrooms and saunas since ancient times. There are different types and shades of marble, it combines well with wood and stone. Marble creates a minimalist bathroom, but more often designers create exquisite and sophisticated vintage-style decor. Exquisite bathroom appliances and retro accents make marble shine and look even more delicate. It is the number one material for feminine bathroom designs and can also be used for masculine spaces – imagine a black marble bathing area! Here are some options to consider.

marble tiles

If you’re not ready to spoil yourself with real marble, consider marble tiles – they never go out of style, just like marble. You can choose from different shades – from more realistic to more unique, different patterns and different scales to create your personal look. Smaller tiles can be covered with patterns such as a herringbone pattern. geometric tiles like hexagons give your bathing area a fresh look. Favor neutral grouts that match the tiles and create a cohesive look, play around with different scales and shapes in a room, or simply find printed tiles to match.


If you are willing to spend a lot of money, you can get a luxurious bathroom with real marble. This is pure elegance that is always on trend and will complement any decor. There are many colors and patterns to choose from. You can combine the marble with stained wood, stone, various metals and other cool materials. Marble can be combined with tiles, but keep them matching and not contrasting so as not to draw attention away from marble. Add hardware to match the style of your room and voilas! Check out some ideas below and enjoy!

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