Kitchen Towel Holder Ideas

Kitchen towel holder ideas

IDEAS FOR KITCHEN TOWEL HOLDER – Towels or rags are a must in every kitchen. Leftover food, dirt, and smoke can appear anytime you cook or wash dirty dishes. You need to clean them all right away.

If not, you won’t be motivated to spend hours cooking in your own kitchen. If your kitchen goes unnoticed for many days, it will smell bad and become unhealthy.

We are therefore preparing 10 kitchen towel holders that can stimulate your hands to clean and dry to keep the kitchen healthy. Here you are:

Simple paper towel holder

Simple paper towel holder

Our first example looks simple. The holder is made of black lacquered wood with a round tip. The towel rail is located near the sink. The holder contains a paper towel that can be used once and then thrown away.

The positioning of the holder makes it easy to clean your wet hands after washing dirty dishes. You can easily check whether the paper towel is empty or not. The positioning of the holder will help you clean your hands of food ingredients after cooking.

We believe that it will be easy for you to discover this holder and then buy it at the hardware store.

Practical paper towel holder


Another paper towel holder next to the first example. This time the holder can be put in a bathroom. The holder is made of light metal and is then attached to the kitchen wall.

Similar to the first idea, the bracket is near the sink. There is the soap and the shelf for drying freshly cleaned dishes. Simply pull the paper out of the holder when you are ready to use it.

You can use the paper to dry your wet hands after washing or to wipe water droplets that fall on the countertop.

Kitchen towel holder to hang up


Our next idea attracts us not only because of the cute towel holder, but also because of the fabric towel color. First, the towel rail takes shape in the small shape that is attached to the kitchen wall.

The positioning of the holder is easy to see. Just look to the left and you will find the towel there. The towel rail is located near the sink. Catch the towel whenever you want to dry your wet hands without moving the holder.

The second is that the towel looks red and white, just like the kitchen wall.

Metal kitchen towel holders


The fabric kitchen towel holder has a wide range of holder variants. It is also good that this kitchen towel holder can be attached to various kitchen elements. Take this example. The towel rail uses light metal as the material.

Interestingly, the towel rail becomes one unit with the wooden kitchen island. The towel holder contains the soft cloth that can be used for various purposes. The positioning of the holder means that you don’t have to move the kitchen island as often.

We fear that you will forget where the towel rail is.

DIY kitchen towel holder


This kitchen is so full of DIY or home improvement items. One of them is the towel rail. And you can do that yourself. Just nail it to the kitchen wall. The nail can now be used to hang up cloth towels, as this picture shows.

The strategy is very easy and inexpensive to implement. The towel is in the kitchen back wall in line with the cooking utensils. The towel positioning makes it easy to use.

There are advantages to using such a cloth towel as you can reuse it later. This saves you waste than using a paper towel.

Creative kitchen towel holder


Towel kitchen stand is such a wonderful DIY project. This time you can use a long metal like this one. Buy the material and nail it to the kitchen wall. The orange cloth towel is simply hung on the metal.

While the paper towel is put in a special place like this one. Inside the metal holder is a large area that can be used to hang scissors and other items. We believe the metal seems cheap.

How amazing that simple metal can help so much with the little things in the kitchen.

Stylish kitchen towel holder


When we look at the bigger picture, we believe this towel rail was chosen for no particular reason. Take a look at the fruit holder. Don’t towel rails and fruit holders have similar properties?

They both look stylish when the word “classic” sounds too much. The towel rail uses the black metal with the cute top and bottom parts. The towel rail appears to be attached to the kitchen wall.

The positioning of the holder makes it easier to pick up when you’ve washed the dirty dishes at the sink right next to it.

Towel holder under the closet


With the second idea, our eighth point is placed right under the closet. We believe the paper towel holder is actually for the position. Due to the positioning, the towel rail appears to be a unit with the cabinet.

The paper towel looks long, as the thick papers show. Unlike most of the previous examples, the towel is placed on the kitchen table and is not used to rinse the kitchen sink. This leads us to suspect that the towel is not only suitable for washing wet hands after washing the dishes.

Special kitchen towel holder


A simple idea can add cool value to kitchen paper. The holder takes shape in the round and thin holder. The holder is made of black and light metal. The paper towel fits into the holder.

The paper towel is placed right next to the sink to make it easier to pick up after washing dirty dishes.

Clever kitchen towel holder


Our last suggestion looks chic, because that’s how clothes hang on the closet. There are two towel rails that use the light wooden sticks. Each of the holders used different colors to make them look beautiful.

The holders contain different wipes in terms of size, material and pattern. Use each of them for different purposes in the kitchen.


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