Teal And Brown Living Room Ideas

Turquoise and brown living room ideas

LIVING ROOM IDEAS IN PLASTIC AND BROWN – The combination of teal and brown feels like mixing three colors at once. blue, green and brown. Stand for yourself, each color is strongly associated with nature.

Blue is primarily associated with the ocean, green with plants, while brown represents the earth. At least the ones we normally think of. So it is a challenge to place the colors in a way that suits your living space.

Here is our list of ideas for this combo in case you need it someday.

Beautiful turquoise and brown living room ideas

Beautiful turquoise and brown living room ideas
Source: susiesculebra.com

This is an example of a simple exercise between teal and brown. Brown tends to dominate the living room with teal pops in the pillows and the painting on the wall of the room. Even so, this living space looks nice and relieved.

The glass windows on the back give this relatively small area a great atmosphere. Brown can be seen on the sofa set, carpet, floor and lamp. From now on, this living space feels very warm. The blue-green element colors the room slightly.

This is a fine example of creating a sprawling living room with limited space.

Creamy blue-green and brown living space

Source: Cabinflooresoterica.com

Combine a light or soft shade, or both, brown and teal to create this creamy living space for the whole family. The entire room ambience can boast of the morning and calm the heart after long hours in the office.

We call this room so clever that this room creates a teal hue in the pillows and curtains that mixes with brown and white. Instead of adding a simple teal to the furniture or decoration, this area shares the hue with white and brown.

Brown elements are presented in the curtains, carpet, chair legs and window.

Nice blue-green and brown mini-spot

Source: Pinterest

Light Teal works with two shades of brown in a small living room. Light Teal paints the living room wall and presents itself in some pillows. Dark brown is visible in the wooden legs of the furniture and the floor.

Crisp brown appears later in the basket, in the lamp and on the carpet. As a result, the overall combination looks wealthy. This space is especially noticeable because of the wooden couch and coffee tables that use beautiful, classic designs.

The blue-green mode is additionally supported by the beautiful glasses and the vase.

Incredible teal and tan living room

Source: dreamingcroatia.com

The fourth idea steals our hearts. Natural, stylish and beautiful. This living room has teal elements through natural elements such as plants, flowers and pillows.

We’re referring to separate teal contributors that are green and blue. A strong shade of brown comes from the table, carpet and storage. Like the hue, the brown element is mainly presented by wood, one of the most common natural materials.

No wonder that entering the room instantly refreshes our eyes. The gray sofa set makes this room a relaxing place.

Casual living room in teal and brown brown

Source: lowes.com

Rule # 1 for almost any casual living room is on that bulky, comfy sofa like this one. This time around this sofa set uses dark brown and teal which is quite unique. Wear teal and dark brown ottomans for a more casual look.

Rule number 2 for casual living areas with limited space is to install large windows or panes to give you a sense of space. This living space chooses large windows. Since casual living also means cozy, set up an open shelf.

With this simple floor plan, you can feel so relaxed right away.

Relaxing living room in blue-green and brown

Source: Pinterest

If you’re wondering what makes this sixth idea different from some of the previous tips, the key is with the quilt and pillows. Grab them to take a nap on the couch. Or you can lie down on the soft carpet under the cute coffee tables.

Choose this petrol for an elegant living room. Teal also covers the lamp on the back. A brown element can be seen on the couch, the wooden wall on the back and the lamp table. Both teak and brown pretty much grew up in this room.

Trendy living room model in blue-green and brown brown

Source: mojhoroskop.club

Teal green and brown tones prove they are suitable for a trendy living room like this one. Paint the walls of the living room mostly with blue-green and a little white, as this room shows. Present brown, dark and light tones in furniture and curtains.

We call this living room particularly trendy because of the blue-green painting, wall decoration and lamp. You seem unique and smart. Not many will think of choosing them unless those who love interior design or experiment.

Carefree blue-green and brown living area

Source: jjhwatkins.com

Why don’t we call the eight of our 10 turquoise and brown living room ideas creative or artistic if you wonder. We prefer to call this living room casual by looking at how carefree this space allows its owner to experiment.

The teal wall of the room is full of little decorations, from skulls to quotes. While brown tone is present, among other things, in the bed-like sectional sofa and in the lamp. The area installs the window pane. These make this living room very comfortable and warm.

Imaginative living room in teal and light brown

Source: diynetwork.com

At the very least, you can see two living room interiors in this living room. The plants form a natural element for this area. The wooden curtains strongly remind us of the sea design.

Brown gets more dominance here than Light Teal. There are two shades of brown that color the wall of the room. The shiny blue-green curtains let the room shine. While the blue-green armchairs look bright and catchy.

Lively living room in teal and brown

Source: Pinterest

You can invite orange as a light color to work with light brown and teal as the last two colors all look warm. Interestingly, the shade of orange in this room is similar to the shade of brown on the couch.

The blue-green ambience looks delicate as on the carpet, the pillows and one of the room walls. Such a lively and modern living space.

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