Summer Entryway Decor Ideas

Even though it’s summer and everyone is striving outdoors, we still spend some time indoors and sometimes a lot, which means home decor still matters. Dress up your entryway for summer as it gives a sense of your home and welcomes you as you enter. Check out the ideas we have prepared and refresh your entry for this beautiful and lively season!

Summer console table decoration

A console table is a common part of an entryway and can be styled in a variety of ways for summer. Add potted greens and flowers, baskets for storage, hang vintage botany posters and add straw hats to the wall. If you want to add an ocean feel to the entryway, consider opting for nautical folding chairs, shells, driftwood, and other sea-inspired items. Wanna make it tropical? Opt for tropical leaves in clear vases, palm trees in pots, and rattan and wicker.

Summer entryway decor

Potted greenery and flowers are the first idea to add a summer flair to your home. If you have a desert boho home, potted cacti and succulents can be replaced with ordinary potted greens and blooms. Add wreaths of faux greenery and lemons that instantly add a cozy, summery farmhouse feel. Colorful cushions and printed rugs of different colors will make your entryway brighter and moodier. Add wicker baskets and wicker drawers to store different things, place colorful decorative baskets on the wall, swap out your bench for a rattan or wicker baskets to give the entryway a light holiday feel. Create a bright gallery wall with your holiday pictures and enjoy the impression created!

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