Narrow Kitchen Island Ideas

Ideas for narrow kitchen islands

IDEAS OF THE NARROW KITCHEN ISLAND – Do you only have a narrow or small space for your kitchen and still want a kitchen island? Will that be possible? This idea will certainly make sense. All it takes is extra time looking for suitable kitchen island models.

This article is for those of you who are short of space for a kitchen that seems to be very common in today’s home. As land prices rise, it becomes more difficult to find affordable and fair kitchen space. But no worry. We have the following solutions.

Delicate narrow kitchen island

Delicate narrow kitchen island
Source: Pinterest

One basic tip before we talk about the narrow kitchen island is how to set up the kitchen first. The narrow space encourages you to choose only useful cooking utensils and equipment. Keep the kitchen minimalist.

If you want a filigree kitchen island, choose light gray as the theme color. This color can add a quick, slick feel to the entire kitchen. This kitchen island chooses a gray pedestal to support white marble as a table.

The kitchen island uses a bookcase as a storage type that you can use to place decorations. As shown here, choose a square table that fits the small size of the kitchen.

Similar to a coffee bar as a narrow kitchen island


Copy one of the growing kitchen island styles for your kitchen. If you really like coffee we believe our recommendation can best channel this. This coffee bar-like kitchen island is very suitable for a minimalist and modern kitchen, as seen here.

This kitchen island extends from the far left to the right end and looks like a bench with a little more space than the table. You can place glasses, plates and of course coffee cups on this table. Entertain your friends with your homemade coffee.

Enjoy the afternoon joys with your best office colleagues after a long day at work in your office.

Simple narrow kitchen island


For this natural kitchen there is no more suitable kitchen island material than a wooden table. Choose a simple table in the right size as a kitchen island for your narrow kitchen. A table with levels is strongly recommended in this picture.

You can place clean eating utensils on these layers, from the plate to the cup. You can also fill bottles and jars with ketchup, sausage, condiments, condiments, and other ingredients. Pieces of bread, fruit and cookies can be placed on the table.

This humble table can serve as a simple kitchen island for tight spaces, as seen in this picture.

Adorable narrow kitchen island

Source: Pinterest

This picture proves that a super narrow kitchen can still look cute and trendy. All you have to do is place a floating wooden table along with a set of cute wooden chairs as seen here.

That’s enough for a simple kitchen island. The kitchen island is a great place to put food and drinks before bringing them all into the dining room or living room. Or you can eat them all here with your young children.

This small kitchen island can take on many roles depending on your needs.

Fashionable narrow kitchen island


Consider this kitchen island design if your kitchen has a narrow and unique space like this picture shows. We especially call this kitchen island a fashionable piece. The kitchen island uses a small space that is connected to the kitchen wall.

In keeping with the overall look of the kitchen, dark wood materials are used as stands for this kitchen island. At the top of the stand you can see white marble as a table. The kitchen island looks small but imaginative. You can use the kitchen island as a mini dining set.

On this kitchen island you can enjoy a quick breakfast that is only available for a few minutes.

Pure, narrow kitchen island


Similar to the second idea, this sixth recommendation invites you to play with a coffee bar-like kitchen island again. In particular, we’re getting you to practice white as the theme color derived from this picture.

This kitchen island intentionally chooses white as the dominant color for the lighting, marble and stands to match the overall kitchen selection. As with the general island concepts of the coffee bar, we always love the stylish chairs you can find here.

Thus, this small kitchen island looks nice and clean overall.

Coastal narrow kitchen island


The tight space for the kitchen island shouldn’t keep you from practicing certain topics. If you love the beach or life on the coast this image should be copied into your kitchen. And you don’t have to buy various high-end furniture.

The recommendation suggests that you look for the coastal wood materials along with the X decoration as a stand for the countertop. When you find the stand, paint the forest a shade of white or a soft shade of blue.

Complete the kitchen island with light wooden chairs, as seen here.

Antique narrow kitchen island

Source: Pinterest

This pantry is so full of high quality and expensive cooking appliances and fittings. To soften a modern and sophisticated ambience, put up a single antique cabinet that will later serve as a kitchen island.

This kitchen island can hold fruits, vegetables and other ingredients before any further cooking steps are performed. No chairs and a sink. Keep the kitchen island classic and standalone so you can walk freely between the two sides of the kitchen.

Comfortable narrow kitchen island


We bring you another open storage concept as a narrow kitchen island similar to the one in the third tip. This kitchen island only uses a wooden table with two layers. You can use the layers as a shelf for eating utensils.

What differs from the ninth to the previous is due to the chairs. The chairs show that the narrow kitchen island feels casual and homely. This is probably one of the most common in a modern kitchen as this picture suggests.

Exceptionally narrow kitchen island


We leave you all of our final ideas on this list of narrow kitchen island ideas. This kitchen island looks extraordinary. This kitchen island just uses a wooden table that resembles a piano holder.

In addition, the table is completed with a super cute wooden chair that is likely to be suitable for a young child. Overall, the narrow kitchen island looks very classic and quirky and fits perfectly into this relaxed kitchen.


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