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The Berliner Zimmer is a recently renovated apartment in Berlin’s elegant Charlottenburg district, intricately channeling the building’s architectural heritage while displaying contemporary finesse. Meticulously detailed and exquisitely designed, the apartment is a treasure with intricate interventions and bespoke furnishings whose understated sophistication conceals a focus on functionality and a passion for the art of design while reflecting the taste and sensibility of the owners.

The project’s name, Berliner Zimmer, refers to a common feature in the city’s 19th- and early 20th-century apartments, a large room connecting the front building with a wing at the rear, typically used as a lounge area will. The architect enlarged the opening that connects the Berlin room with the adjoining dining room, increasing the amount of daylight pouring in from the front of the apartment. The owners also wanted to include a large, colorful rug that they fell in love with, which heavily influenced the room’s decor, including the choice of wall color, a bespoke shade of red and orange that came from a long process of trying different color swatches was. Complemented by tones of blue and beige with lustrous accents of glass and metal furniture, and soft textures courtesy of lush sofas and armchairs, the spacious space is both vibrant and soothing, inviting guests to relax in an environment of subdued opulence.

While the Berlin carpenter uses the building’s original configuration, the rest of the apartment’s floor plan has been radically reconfigured. Like the rest of the apartment, the space features bespoke furniture, built-in gems, and exquisite details such as the semi-recessed boudoir, whose curved shape echoes the shape of the glazed lava stone sink, free-standing bathtub, and restored radiator shroud. The focal point of the master bathroom is undoubtedly the round silk rug.

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