Oversized Christmas ornaments

If you love modern decor trends, if you want to add a bold touch to your Christmas decorations, then you can add a super bold and popular trend that’s going on right now – oversized Christmas ornaments.

We usually choose more or less appropriate ornaments to decorate the tree. However, to give it a more modern look, you can add some oversized ones, meaning they look too big for this tree. Oversized Christmas ornaments of any shape, not just a traditional bubble, add a bold touch and draw everyone’s attention. Let’s look at some examples to integrate them.

Oversized Ball Christmas Ornaments

Oversized baubles are perfect for any Christmas tree, from modern to farmhouse. They can be made in any size, color and from different materials – you can even make some yourself, for example from yarn. When adding them as accents, decorate the tree however you like first and add them at the end – don’t rock too many if necessary. If you’re only using oversized Christmas ornaments, you can simply hang several and add lights that skip the rest, or opt for a tree completely covered in oversized Christmas ornaments. Fill in the gap with smaller ones to make the tree even more beautiful.

Other oversized Christmas ornaments

If you want to incorporate some oversized, non-spherical Christmas ornaments, just use them to accent your tree. These can be fabric flowers, plywood snowflakes, 3D paper stars and other stars – a Christmas tree can be completely covered with them on one side, and you can skip any other decor. Such ideas will make your Christmas tree super bold and ultra modern. Be inspired by more ideas that we have prepared below!

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