Cool fall kitchen decor ideas

Getting ready for fall? Then you need to decorate the cosiest place in your house – your kitchen – with some pretty pieces. For a pretty rustic interior with an autumn touch, you can place pumpkins and gourds on the tables, kitchen island, and fridge. Twigs, pine cones and bright leaves – and of course handicrafts made from them – are cool and provide a warm note. You can even display a pumpkin with branches – just shape it and you’ll be stylish. Below are more examples of how to decorate your kitchen with fall decor – enjoy and get inspired!

pumpkins and vegetables

Pumpkins and veggies are the best fall decorations, they’re super autumnal and super natural. You can use neutral, muted, colorful, bright, or natural or artificial pumpkins. They can be made from a variety of materials – velvet, macrame, vine, glass, porcelain and any other material that suits your kitchen decor. When it comes to veggies, you can rock anything—from squashes and artichokes to tomatoes and cucumbers.

flowers and greenery

Green – imitation or natural – is an important element of decor that slightly refreshes the room. Create centerpieces, put greens on shelves and wherever you want. You can also incorporate artificial or natural flowers into any color: neutral, bold, muted, or others. They add a cool, autumnal touch to the room, just like the greenery.

Different decor

Think of fall decor you like: pine cones, antlers, berries and fruits, scented candles, acorns, nuts, cotton, fall leaves, apples, wheat, vines, pretty fall signs and figurines. Create your own decorations with silver trays, wooden stands, dough bowls, trays and other containers. Bring an autumn feeling into your kitchen!

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