Pumpkin Decor Ideas for Home Fall Decor

We have already told you how to use fall leaves in your home decor. Yes, leaves are the cheapest and easiest idea, but gourds! There’s nothing quite like a brightly colored pumpkin for Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving decor (and you can cook them up later, too). We have collected a number of ideas on how to decorate a pumpkin with a pumpkin and where to use it afterwards.

How To Decorate A Natural Pumpkin You Decorate With Dozens Of Patterns And Design Ideas. unusual colors that look amazing on the tables, fireplaces and shelves, cut or carve around a lantern or whatever seems cool to you. Don’t like bold pumpkins? If you paint a natural look without painting or just a little bit of chalk, you get a pretty rustic decoration.

Second, how to decorate with natural gourds? Add your pumpkins to centerpieces and table and room decorations, place them on pedestals or in baskets for a cozy rustic touch – pumpkins make the perfect decorative piece for fall! Place them on tables, consoles, steps and mantels and mix them with greens, blossoms, driftwood, pine cones and other things you like for fall. Make centerpieces out of dough bowls and stands with pumpkins and candles and lots of other fall-themed things, of course. Get inspired!

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