How to brighten a moody room

Although most people prefer bright and open spaces, dark and moody decor is very popular today. But even if you choose a dark color scheme, it is better to somehow balance and brighten your room, otherwise the area will look dark and oppressive. Need ideas to brighten up your space? Here you are!

add color

Nothing can be better for brightening up a dark room than adding other colors and shades here. You can paint the walls, use large format artwork, rugs, decorations, throws, blankets and much more. Dark furniture feels and looks heavy, and too much of it makes your room even more depressed than before. To brighten up a dark room, choose lighter, lighter parts. Try different colored accent pillows and throws before investing in larger pieces so you know whether or not you like that color in the room.

The best colors to freshen up your space are white, metallic, lavender, neutrals or even bright pops of color like green or orange.

Add lighting

Yes, lights are the best way to open up and brighten up space, and they also make your space feel bigger. Even the most compact spaces have room for lighting. In small spaces, don’t be afraid to hang lights from the ceiling or mount them on the wall. Put a floor lamp behind a sofa or let pendant lights roam the room.

add mirror

Every dark room needs extra light, and there’s no better way to do that than a mirror. Their reflective properties extend the lifespan of light waves in the room, helping you maintain a light-filled space. Modern mirrors, especially in groups, can also be a beautiful decoration, so they serve as cool decor. Get inspired!