Farmhouse dining room and zones to find inspiration

We continue to share with you the cosiest farmhouse decorating ideas. Today’s article is all about dining rooms or eating areas as not everyone desires a separate dining room. Your dining room can continue the country kitchen design with a rustic dining table, wicker chairs, cozy lights above the table and blinds on the windows. A vintage armoire, wooden bench, and fireplace, if you have one, add luster to your decor. Add a burlap table runner, area rug, plaid or floral textiles and voila! The great point here is that you can make a lot of things yourself: furniture, carpets or textiles – you can cheaply create exactly what you want! Get inspired and decorate with the cool examples below!

colors and materials

Farm living areas are usually decorated in neutral colors – cream, white, grey, brown, beige and other shades. You can go for a monochromatic color scheme of black and neutral, and add subtle hues like rust, orange, lime green, or yellow. When it comes to the materials used, wood is a must. You can opt for wood paneled walls and ceilings, wood furniture and signs. If you have a fireplace, clad it in brick or stone, bring some metal lamps, and maybe a wood and glass buffet.

furniture and accessories

Find out which styles you will mix with farmhouse: modern, vintage, shabby chic or even glamorous and choose furniture and accessories accordingly. The furniture for a farmhouse room can be stained, whitewashed, or even painted black for contrast. Add wicker and metal chairs for texture, hang some framed chandeliers and lamps, signs and artwork if you like. Add potted greenery, vintage mirrors in frames, and jute rugs and you’re done!

62 farmhouse dining rooms and zones to get inspired (with pictures.
62 farmhouse dining rooms and zones to get inspired |  Sala there.
62 farmhouse dining rooms and zones to get inspired - DigsDi

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