Stunning courtyard design ideas

A patio is ideal if you don’t have good weather conditions or outdoor space, or if you want to add some nature right inside the house. Such a courtyard is particularly suitable for a minimalist interior, since plants or natural-looking parts and materials are usually removed, so that greenery creates a contrast. Make a pond with water lilies inside – it makes any room very relaxing and looks so zen! Or maybe trees and bushes inside? Yes, please! Imagine what it feels like to have a cup of tea and read a book under your own indoor trees! Another advantage of a courtyard is that you can enjoy nature and greenery at any time of the year because it is always warm inside. Enjoy the ideas below!


Their patio can be incorporated into any space with any style – from rustic to minimalist, they are always cool and refreshing. Your indoor garden, pond or whatever you have should coordinate with the interior design and keep the style. For example, if you have a minimalist interior you can opt for a zen garden with rocks, gravel and a single tree, or if it is a tropical home you can opt for bold and lush greenery throughout. Combine different textures to make the courtyard look cooler and more catchy. Don’t just focus on one type of greenery or trees.

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A courtyard almost always means an indoor garden and can be complemented by a pond or just a body of water or a waterfall. You can go for greenery, grass, moss, trees, bushes and even flowers, but the latter is a rare thing for the patio as it requires lots of natural light and you can usually only allow a skylight or nothing at all. If there is enough space, you can create an entire terrace with a dining or seating area and create a whole oasis of relaxation.

29 Stunning Courtyard Design Ideas |  courtyard design.
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51 Stunning Courtyard Design Ideas - DigsDi

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