Rustic Christmas Decorations Ideas

Rustic Christmas Decorations Ideas

Rustic style is very popular for home decor, it brings incredible charm and instantly makes your space very inviting. If you’re decorating your space like this, you’ll probably want to choose some Christmas decor in this style as well, and we’ve got some ideas to inspire you. Since a Christmas tree is the main decor for the holidays, it should be decorated first, and I have prepared some rustic Christmas ornaments for you. The good thing is that all the parts I’m sharing are easy to make yourself with no extra instructions. Let us begin!

natural materials

Rustic style is all about natural materials, they can be widely used and just stick to. Make ornaments out of wooden discs – this is a very popular idea as they can be decorated in many different ways – with paint, stickers and glitter and you can use any pictures and letters on them. Make ornaments out of pine cones, they are almost ready-made ornaments. All you have to do is add a bow or some glitter or color. Wooden sticks can be used to make ornaments or different shapes with glue, and popsicles are also good for making some decorations such as floats. Make cute and fluffy ornaments out of cotton and decorate them with bows for a super cozy feel.

fabric and yarn

These are other popular materials for making Christmas decorations. Take the usual balls and wrap them with baker’s twine, adding lace or buttons. You get natural decorations. Make some plaid and buff plaid ornaments with embroidery hoop and fabric with these prints. Sew some burlap ornaments with stuffing and make some sheer thread ornaments with bells inside. The possibilities are endless, get inspired!

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