Cool tips for visually expanding a small space

If you are the proud owner of a small apartment or room, don’t despair! With a smart color combination and a thoughtful design, even 30 square meters can easily be converted into comfortable accommodation.

  1. Bright or pastel colors not only improve your mood but also make your space look bigger.
  2. High, mirror-like or slim ceilings with light and slim floors create the illusion of a large space.
  3. Bright walls are a must, but if you don’t like it, choose a floral or botanical print.
  4. To visually stretch the space, choose a light wall of a cold shade or white wallpaper with a tiny pattern.
  5. To make a long room appear squarer, simply paint one of the walls darker than the others, or simply make an accent wall with horizontal stripes.
  6. Light curtains make your room fresher and bigger.
  7. Functional furniture upholstered with light textiles – today there are many pieces of furniture that can fulfill different functions.
  8. A small accent in the center or corner of the room draws attention away from the size of the room.

8 cool tips to visually expand a small space |  Small apartment .
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8 cool tips to visually expand a small space |  Salon furniture.