House with a pitched roof

House with a pitched roof

MAK Studio designed a new home in Burlingame, California that features clean lines and dark accents on a pitched roof.

Minimalist concrete stairs lead from the sidewalk to the front door. A hinged dark wooden door welcomes visitors to the home. In the front door is a foyer with high ceilings and gray tiles. The interior of the living room is bright and high, with white walls, an open floor plan, and a wooden panel that lines the length of the room.

The social areas of the home are divided between the living and dining areas, with the kitchen on a lower level. In the kitchen, light wood cabinets match the accent of the wood wall, while the dark island cascades down to form a secondary dining area. Adjacent to the kitchen is a second living area which opens onto a courtyard at the rear of the house. The courtyard features dark wood decking with trees and a couple of comfortable day beds.

The master bedroom features a set of windows above the bed. A second row of windows increases the amount of natural light the space receives. In the master bathroom, a wooden and dark gray stone vanity sits beneath a large mirror with hidden lighting.

In one of the children’s rooms, a striped rug gives the room a soft touch and warmth. In another nursery, blue accents add a pop of color to a neutral palette.

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