Rorschach inspired furniture

The main idea of ​​Reinis Ducmanis’ Rorschach was to create furniture that is abstract in both function and form. The designer has worked on an object with no apparent purpose, which does not reveal its role, thus encouraging every user to look for it.

The concept and visual image of this furniture is inspired by the visual psychological tests in Rorschach – abstract inkblot prints used to analyze people’s psychological state, characteristics and emotions. Everyone sees something different in these inkblot prints, and that’s exactly what Reinis Ducmanis wanted to achieve with these objects.

The designer has created a range of furniture that is abstract enough to look for uses that are particularly suited to it. For example, to store things that are used more than other items every day but do not have a fixed place in the room: the book you are reading, a magazine or newspaper or your mobile phone, your wallet or a coffee mug. It can also be used as a coffee table, a stand for an audio system or TV, a bedside table or a bench.

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