Best furniture and decor ideas of March 2019

In March 2019 we showed you a lot of cool things. Here you will find the most interesting furniture and decoration ideas.

  • Driftwood is not only beautiful, but also environmentally friendly. Use it in your home decor!
    74 ideas for using driftwood in home decor
  • Let’s make your little friends happier! Here we showed cool scratching posts and climbing plants – more traditional and modern and minimalist.
    25 scratching posts and climbing plants ensure that your pet stays happy
  • There are different ways to make your home soundproof: acoustic panels, curtains, drywall, padding or cork walls – and much more. We show them all.
    48 stylish and clever ideas for soundproofing your home
  • Nowadays each of us has many devices at hand: phones, tablets, e-readers and many others, which means that charging is more relevant than ever. Let’s organize a handy station to charge them all in one kitchen!
    25 functional kitchen charging stations
  • Pallets are ideal for reuse. Let’s see what dining tables you can make yourself.
    25 pallet dining tables inspire your craft

Best furniture and decoration ideas of March 2019 |  driftwood furniture.
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