Glass objects for interior decoration

Glass objects for interior decoration

The transparency and fluid feel of glass objects add a dreamlike effect to any room. Clear glass with creative shapes and forms are extremely cool for creating a chic modern feel and adding subtle yet interesting touches to your interior. Let’s take a look at the coolest objects that you can use in your home to make it stand out.

glass lamps

Clear glass lamps are an amazing idea to add an accent to any modern space with mostly shape. Here you will find a large selection of transparent pendant, table and floor lamps made of clear glass in various shapes. You can find hand-blown glass lamps that appear imperfect, but that’s the point of the design. You can also find different colors of transparent glass lamps, from smoked glass to pink and blue. Some transparent lights have very interesting lampshades that don’t emit the usual light but stand out.

glass furniture

Glass furniture is timeless and will never go out of style. Glass tops, even glass chairs and bedside tables can be seen in many modern spaces. A glass coffee table is always a great and chic addition to any living room and in such a case, table legs become an accessory and part of the decor. The same applies to a desk or a dining table – combinations of stone wood and glass or metal and glass to make the table more interesting. Glass storage is an amazing idea as it looks ethereal and seems to disappear into thin air instead of looking bulky.

glass accessories

Clear glass accessories are another cool way to rock clear glass in your home decor. Think cloches with cool displays inside, large clear glass vases and hurricanes with candles and LEDs inside. If you are a wine lover, check out interesting wine decanters and drinking glasses made of clear glass but very striking shapes. Interesting clear glass vases will turn even a single flower into a real masterpiece, and various glass kitchen accessories will add sophistication to your space.

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