Highly adaptable shelf

Storage space is essential in every home. The more stylish it is, the better not only the functionality! Today we share a shelving system that is stylish and practical at the same time.

Designer Artem Zakharchenko’s GATE shelf is no ordinary shelf, but uses movable wooden poles placed on a metal rod to create a striking and dynamic structure. GATE is a highly adaptable piece of shelving that can change its look and instantly adapt to your needs – it can literally accommodate anything at any time! In the zones, the unit can be used as a wardrobe, wine glass storage, shoe racks, or even a small desk! This adaptability makes GATE perfect for use in the home as well as in commercial settings such as bars and restaurants.

Such a shelf is a good idea for any modern space, and if your entryway is large enough – put it there, it will do a lot of work for you!

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