Mini kitchen island ideas

Mini kitchen island ideas

A kitchen island is a great functional piece for cooking, peeling, washing and even eating. This is a trend – more and more designers are creating kitchens with an island. Small kitchens usually don’t have such a feature, but if you want one, there are mini options with lots of features.

A mini kitchen island or even a micro kitchen island can perform the same functions as a regular one. It can have open and closed storage space – drawers and shelves, it can contain additional holders, hangers and hooks for pans, mugs and various kitchen utensils. A small kitchen island can contain a sink, dishwasher, dumpster, and dining room—a great idea for breakfast or drinks. Let’s look at some ideas to downsize your cooking, prep and socializing space.

Mobile kitchen islands

A small mobile kitchen island is a great idea for any kitchen – no matter what style you choose, casters make them portable which is perfect for a tiny kitchen – they can be moved to wherever it isn’t there. The dining table top can be foldable or you can just use the entire countertop. Open shelves under the table top give your kitchen island a more airy look, and drawers and closed compartments create more space.

No mobile kitchen islands

Non-mobile kitchen islands are great too, they are more stable and can make a statement in decor. Try a contrasting piece in bold colors and maybe even a different design that stands out from the overall room. You can also try a waterfall kitchen island with one side against the wall: this is a great space-saving idea and a cool dining area at the same time. Even if there is no matching mini kitchen island for sale, you can make one of the few IKEA products yourself. There are countless tutorials. Check out more ideas below and get inspired!

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