Black walls bathroom

Black walls bathroom

Black is a timeless color that never goes out of style and using it in your interior is always a win-win idea. Black is also a basic color for atmospheric rooms, which have become very popular. So if you want to add black to your room, there are several options. If you’re ready for radical change, try black walls. Black walls, whether statement walls or all, create a cool and relaxing ambience. Today we’re looking at how to rock black walls in your bathroom.

A black statement wall

If you don’t want a lot of black in your room, rock an eye-catching black wall. Since this is a bathroom, you can add a striking wall in the shower or bath area to make it stand out. If the room is neutral, then this is guaranteed. You can paint it, it can be stone, marble, or a flashy tile clad with a herringbone pattern, a subway or hexagonal tile, or just the usual ones. Use glossy tiles and try using contrast grout to make the wall stand out even more. Striking tiles or black marble add texture to the space, making it more interesting but not gloomy.

Several black walls

If you’re ready for a moody room or you just love black, rock all your walls in black. If it’s a vintage room, you can opt for black panels with some texture. If it’s a modern or minimalist space, why not rock black stone or large black tiles throughout the bathroom? Glossy black tiles with white grout are great for art deco or just vintage bathrooms. In order not to make the room so gloomy, you can try a wooden floor or cover the walls partially with black tiles and partially with wooden or white tiles. Another idea is to rock lots of lights – multiple layers or a large window if possible. When possible, rocking light wood and white linens is another great idea for keeping the bathroom less dark and adding a cool accent. Enjoy!

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