Cozy wooden kitchen countertop designs

Wood brings warmth and coziness everywhere, especially in the kitchen, although many of you can say that such surfaces are not practical for kitchens or bathrooms because they can dry out. There are many finishes that make wood finishes durable now. So don’t hesitate to use them wherever you want. Today we show you how good a wooden kitchen worktop can look in any kitchen.

Butcher block kitchen countertops

The butcher block is constructed from straight cuts of wood glued together into thick panels, providing an extra strong and stable work surface in a kitchen. For kitchen counters, it is important to use unsealed, oil-coated wood. Sealed countertops are not intended as food prep work surfaces – they are not food or knife friendly. Take care of your countertops regularly and they will reward you by aging gracefully. However, without proper maintenance, they can become dull and cracked.

Wooden kitchen worktops

An all wood countertop is also a great idea – it looks warm and beautiful, is suitable not only for cooking but also for eating, and you can even make a concrete or stone countertop. Different types of wood look different and you will definitely find one that suits your style or even make your own. Of course, such countertops require sealing and proper maintenance, perhaps more than others, but they add a cozy and warm look to your room. Check out the inspirational ideas below!

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