Beautiful wall mirror

Beautiful wall mirror

Mirrors are not just used for makeup or dressing, there are also many benefits that mirrors are so commonly used for decorations. Mirrors have the wonderful ability to make any room appear larger. This makes them ideal for use in small spaces such as entrance areas. Mirrors also reflect the light so that the room is filled with it. When your mirror is in a vintage frame, it will add a sophisticated touch to your space. Tons of benefits, right? Time to put some mirrors in your rooms, isn’t it? Here are some ideas to inspire you.

wall mirror

A large wall mirror redefines space, adds chic, reflects light and adds a glamorous touch to any room – this is a perfect entryway idea. Another idea is to create a mirror array. For example, take repeated mirrors in the same frame and hang them on the wall. There are cool hexagonal mirrors in brass frames, round mirrors of various sizes to create very eye-catching arrangements. Some designers create masterpieces like mirrors on rough pieces of wood, combining natural materials like wood and modern ones like mirrors.

mirror walls

You can also opt for entire mirrored walls that really make a bold statement. Unique geo-arrangement mirrors covering the entire wall will definitely catch the eye, a smoked mirror wall adds chic to the entryway and a minimalist room with a geo-mirror wall in fresh colors. The dining area becomes more eye-catching with a striking antique mirrored wall, adding a sophisticated feel.

Mirror wall decals

If you don’t have proper mirrors or don’t want to bother with framing and hanging, there’s a cool idea – mirror wall decals. There are many ways to try and you can create different arrangements and accents. They can cover the entire wall or simply highlight a fireplace or add an accent to the wall – there are many colors and shapes to choose from.

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