Live edge furniture ideas

Natural decor is very popular now – bringing a bit of nature into your home is an amazing and vibrant idea. If you’ve been following us, you’ve already seen branch lamps of various types, and today we continue the theme with Live Edge furniture.

Live Edge furniture is stunning – this is pure nature coming to your home! These individual pieces of furniture with living edges look fantastic in modern, modern and minimalist interiors and of course can be used in other rooms. Another advantage is that you get a unique decor because the same pieces of wood do not exist. You don’t need too much – just one piece is enough to make a natural statement in your space and all eyes will be on it. You can also make such a piece yourself – there is nothing difficult about it. Need some examples? Check them out below!

Live Edge desks and tables

When using Live Edge, desks and tables are the most popular items you’ll see. These can be desks, dining and coffee tables, and even console tables. The table or desk can be large or small and of different types and colors. Choose contrasting legs – hairpin or metal legs to make your piece even cooler.

Live Edge Headboards

Accentuate your bedroom with a Live Edge headboard – it’s going to be spectacular! Choose a contrasting tone to make the room look bolder with its lines, shapes and textures. Enjoy the imperfections of wood!

Live Edge shelves

Live Edge shelves instantly add a natural and edgy feel to your space. You can easily make some living edge floating shelves yourself and add them in place of a vanity in your bathroom or elsewhere. Get inspired!

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