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Litze is Brizo’s latest swim collection. Like all Brizo collections, it’s more than just a luxurious way to shower every day.

Litze is a blend of innovative engineering and technology with art and design. The collection is basically stylistically flexible. For example, three different style handles allow the designer to gravitate toward a more geometric and modern style to achieve a more industrial look. Even the materials allow style flexibility, for example teak handles allow to add a more organic element to the bathroom and create a real spa feeling.

The collection includes Brizo’s TempAssure┬« valves, which sense and automatically adjust the water mix to maintain a precise water temperature. The temperature remains constant no matter what else is going on in your house. The shower also features H2Okinetic┬« technology, which controls the shape, speed and thermal dynamics of the water. This technology actually creates larger water droplets that retain heat longer and make the spray pattern denser, making you feel enveloped in water. Finally, the entire collection carries the WaterSense designation, so the shower delivers 1.5 gallons of water per minute without sacrificing performance, so you don’t even realize you’re helping the environment.

Everyday objects that are as beautiful as they are functional are a true modern luxury. A bathroom suite that looks stylish coupled with the latest technology and engineering sounds pretty heavenly.

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