Kitchen Island Extension Ideas

Ideas for expanding the island kitchen island

EXPANSION IDEAS FOR THE KITCHEN ISLAND – The extension of the kitchen island results from additional materials that on the one hand clad the kitchen. From this idea, you can recognize the same material for the kitchen and the kitchen island.

To implement this concept, first integrate the kitchen island into an overall kitchen plan. Another idea relates to a new kitchen island, which initially does not become part of the overall kitchen plan. You can still create this type in conjunction with the main kitchen.

The last expansion concerns kitchen islands that open up for further activities.

Usual kitchen island extension

Usual kitchen island extension

This kitchen has two kitchen islands that extend from the main kitchen. They look like benches protecting the main kitchen. The two use white, brown marble that also covers the main kitchen countertop.

While the main kitchen is more like the laundry room, the kitchen islands act as prep areas and mini-dining areas when you pull out chairs. One of the kitchen islands (left side) extends directly from the main kitchen.

Place fruit, pieces of bread or cookies on the countertop. Sometimes you need ready meals and drinks so your kids can grab them right away.

Easy extension of the kitchen island


Our second recommendation is an easy way to create a kitchen island extension. This kitchen island does not use the same materials as the kitchen countertop and other parts of the kitchen.

This kitchen island uses brownish marble, which glows especially when the light is switched on. If possible, simply connect the kitchen island worktop to part of the kitchen wall. This kitchen island plays different roles.

Wash dirty dishes or make a cup of hot coffee while chatting with friends on this kitchen island.

Sweet kitchen island extension

Source: Pinterest

If you don’t want a large kitchen island, consider this example. For this kitchen island, you need to build it into an overall planned kitchen. On the one hand, this corresponds to the entire kitchen formation, which, as this picture shows, is U-shaped.

Using the kitchen island you want, create a piece of kitchen island as the same materials are used in the kitchen in this picture. This small kitchen island doubles as a tiny dining area. After shopping, you can place fresh vegetables and groceries.

You can find out that this kitchen island extension proves that it can save time and materials.

Round kitchen island extension


A kitchen island extension is not limited to the square or rectangular formation. This picture shows that a round kitchen island opens up the possibility of expansion. The recipe is on the large, round kitchen island, which, as this picture shows, serves as a cooking and dining area.

This kitchen island can accommodate two or three people. Serve food or drinks straight from the stove to those seated (family members or friends). This large work surface remains available for placing food and book recipes.

Some closets with doors outfit this island extension to accommodate lots of items.

Comfortable coffee bar extension kitchen island


This kitchen island surpassed the main kitchen and doubles as a coffee bar and sink. This kitchen island extension uses a bright beadboard for the entire kitchen island as well as dark, cute wooden chairs. We believe you can add more chairs.

The long kitchen island offers more space if you add something to the unit’s wooden table. Aside from the sink, this kitchen island can serve as a cool place to treat friends or relatives. Serve them hot local coffee and muffins.

Transparent green chairs are preferable to fresh flowers as a decoration for this kitchen island.

Glam Kitchen Island extension


The finest quality of the wood materials makes this kitchen island a glamorous one. You can see this from the countertop, stand, or column that becomes the main part of the kitchen island.

In addition, this kitchen island uses classic design, as can be seen from the black column that supports the countertop. This concept offers another way to expand a kitchen island. Choose coffee bar designs with two layers of countertop.

The extended refers to the countertop without a sink. The entire kitchen island functions as a social space, preparation area and sink.

Extension of the vintage kitchen island


Still inspired by the design of the coffee bar, this kitchen island extension uses recycled furniture with chairs and a long table. Place black marble as a countertop on the kitchen island. This kitchen island can be surrounded by up to four classic chairs.

You can move other chairs from another room to bring a larger company together. That makes this concept an extended one. In addition, this kitchen island is supplemented by an open storage space in which books or ceramics can be stored as exhibits.

Pure Kitchen Island extension


There is a great chance this kitchen island will pick up similar white marble that will become the backsplash of this kitchen island. As a result, the kitchen island becomes an extended area from the main kitchen despite the separate model.

The kitchen island is long and minimalist and has space for four chairs directly opposite the front. Similar to cassette bars, as a good host, you can prepare coffee, snacks and chocolates while you talk to friends at the chairs.

Expansion of the Smart Kitchen Island

Source: Pinterest

This kitchen island is a bit bulky and looks clever with extensive storage and space options. The kitchen island extends from the transparent kitchen door and uses white wood materials.

On the countertop of the kitchen island, you can wash dirty dishes, chop fruits and beans. Open memory can be filled with recipe books. When you run out of cooking ideas, just open the books and experiment.

Minimalist kitchen island extension


Modern and minimalist kitchens sometimes need an extended kitchen island to accommodate occasional office colleagues. Just buy a wooden table along with the stand as this picture shows.

This table allows you to use the kitchen island as a dining and social website. When your friends are not around, place flowers or plants to use this kitchen island as a decorative part.

Keep the kitchen island minimal to keep the overall theme of the kitchen minimalist.


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